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RPO case study: manufacturing company achieves scalability, enables HR to focus on key priorities.


Randstad Sourceright RPO case study manufacturing

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challenges stem from shifting demands, limited HR capacity

As a large, multinational organization, this filtration and purification product manufacturer needs a scalable recruitment model that responds to peaks in demand across its global operations. This is especially important in manufacturing and distribution locations in North America, where there is high competition for skilled talent, engineers and hourly workers. HR teams at these local distribution centers need to focus on  more strategic work. As a result, filling these roles had become even more challenging for the organization.

The company’s talent leaders also saw an opportunity to enhance both the candidate experience by centralizing candidate reimbursement processes. Previously, the burden was placed on individual hiring managers, and it could take months to reimburse talent following interviews. 

With the goal of improving its recruitment strategies across global operations — from hiring to reimbursement — the company sought expertise from an external partner to meet fluctuating demand and create a more streamlined approach.

an end-to-end recruiting strategy

The manufacturer partnered with Randstad Sourceright to implement recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for more scalable and effective hiring. Through the RPO, the entire recruiting process — from sourcing to offer and onboarding — is managed by Randstad Sourceright’s talent advisor team. 

With strategic sourcing, the company engages and hires talent in even in the most competitive locations. Meanwhile, hiring managers are highly engaged in the process as well. A highly scalable solution, the RPO also supports mid-level and professional roles as demand outpaces availability of internal resources. 

The RPO includes expanded use of technology and data to drive improvements in decision-making and the candidate experience. With Randstad Sourceright’s TalentRadar talent analytics platform, it’s easy to track important metrics throughout the recruiting process. Access to data also allows the company to better understand and forecast its talent needs. A text messaging engagement platform helps the organization maintain relationships with talent already in the pipeline, and provides greater visibility for recruiters on the status of candidate communications.

On a global scale, the end-to-end RPO powers the company’s hiring in 27 countries across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Randstad Sourceright’s global recruiting expertise and local presence are particularly valuable in regions where the manufacturer doesn’t have local language capabilities internally.

To enhance employer brand and improve the talent experience, the manufacturer uses Randstad Sourceright’s Candidate Connect offering. Candidate Connect provides a win-win for candidates, hiring managers and HR alike. The new process takes the administrative burden off internal resources and centralizes candidate reimbursements for faster processing and payment. 

the benefits of a project-based, data-focused approach

Since implementing its RPO program, the company has completely transformed the way it hires talent and responds to shifting demands. Through a project-based approach, the company fills its open requisitions in the required timelines, while reducing its dependency on outside agencies and the associated costs. For example, the percentage of U.K. agency fills decreased by 39% over two years.

The RPO has had the greatest impact for locations where there is no recruiter in house. Rather than HR piling recruiting work on top of other duties, the recruiting solution allows them to focus on other strategic goals.

Through Candidate Connect, candidate reimbursement times have been reduced to just 7 to14 days. This not only removes the administrative burden from internal resources, but also delivers a more positive experience for candidates — which is especially important for a talent scarce industry.

The new recruitment strategy, combined with a fresh approach to candidate reimbursement, has led to significantly higher candidate satisfaction scores, as well as hiring manager satisfaction. And with additional support when hiring across geographies, the company can ensure it onboards the best talent around the world.

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