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Whether identifying the best sources of talent, improving workforce diversity, uncovering hidden skills within your organization or predicting future skills needs, your decisions must be guided by data. Data unlocks access to the right talent at the right time at the right cost, while helping your current team members to achieve their true potential.

But getting the right information and using it to drive business decisions is complicated. What data matters most, and how do you access it? How can you assess your own talent data alongside external market intelligence for a more complete picture of the talent landscape? Randstad Enteprise’s talent intelligence experts turn data into your competitive advantage, helping you take actions that power an agile, sustainable workforce.

uncover the talent hiding in your data.

People analytics and market intelligence are forms of data analysis that help you make smarter decisions about your workforce. Today, the impact of talent acquisition and retention strategies on business outcomes has never been more important. People analytics and market intelligence provide measurable, meaningful insights both to inform strategy and communicate results.

Randstad Enterprise talent intelligence experts can help you make sense of internal and external data, revealing the powerful insights to shape your talent strategies. The result is empowered decision-making to help you attract and hire the right people and encourage them to perform at their best.

  • make smarter decisions that drive a sustainable workforce    
  • find, attract and retain the right talent
  • understand how market trends impact skills availability, compensation and more
  • get buy-in for talent strategies that will make a real impact

how to get started with talent intelligence.

Every company is experiencing a flood of data about their people, so human capital leaders need to know what to do with all this extra information and who in the organization can benefit most from such insights. When developing a data strategy, ask fundamental questions, like “What are my goals?” and “How can I drive value through analytics for my business leaders?” to drive your plan. Here are five more ways to build a robust people analytics strategy:

  1. Invest in the data scientists and engineers who will bring greater rigor and ensure data integrity through management best practices. 
  2. Avoid information overload and burnout by limiting the data sets to those that offer the most valuable insights. It’s OK to start small and build up.
  3. Prioritize building data dashboards that are simple, easy to train for and accessible for all relevant stakeholders who need the insights they will provide.  
  4. Explore data governance paths, to ensure the data is leveraged and accessed in an effective, accurate and compliant way.
  5. Partner with talent analytics and market intelligence specialists if you lack the expertise or resources to make sense of the data. 
  6. Think ahead: identify a roadmap for data capabilities today that can evolve and better support your future workforce needs.

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Our talent intelligence expertise illuminates the answers to your most pressing talent challenges and powers your Randstad Enterprise, Randstad RiseSmart and Randstad Sourceright talent solutions. Explore our solutions below to learn more.

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