keep people at the heart, even during challenging times.

When faced with layoffs, no organization wants to let go of its valued employees. Plus, how you manage those layoffs can land your business in the headlines for the wrong reasons, destroy your brand perception, and open your business up to legal risks.

But a people-first approach can help mitigate those risks, show how you lead with your values, and build morale for your remaining employees — keeping the heart of your business beating during challenging times.

the right (and smart) thing to do

Providing outplacement assistance is more than the right thing to do — it’s good for business. Helping your people during transitions protects your employer brand and keeps those who stay engaged, creating sustainable business value to move your business forward.

With deep HR expertise and market-leading technologies — including dedicated one-to-one career coaching, resume writing and handpicked job leads — Randstad RiseSmart outplacement services help your people find their next role faster.

  • help employees find their new beginnings 60% faster than the market average
  • build trust with outgoing employees, your workforce and the market
  • power results with handpicked job leads, on-demand coaching, AI-powered technology and skilling resources
  • boost your brand and productivity, even during disruptive times

Learn how Randstad RiseSmart outplacement services help ease the transition for employees and organizations alike.

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Talent intelligence, technology, talent marketing and DEI are integral to Randstad RiseSmart outplacement solutions. Explore each area of expertise below to learn more.

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