simplify a complex opportunity.

Workforce redeployment services can help you retain the best and the brightest in your organization, while gaining access to the skills you need to thrive — all while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment that makes people feel valued.

But for organizations with large distributed workforces, redeployment isn’t a simple task. It’s a complex combination of identifying talent and open positions and matching one to the other across departments, business units and even geographic locations.

Randstad RiseSmart redeployment services provide the technology, resources, and expertise to provide a consistent, effective and exceptional experience across your entire organization.

create opportunities, and talent abundance

Randstad RiseSmart workforce redeployment solutions help you guide, support and retrain valued employees during times of restructuring, while giving you access to the skills your business needs. Through our semantic matching technology, we pair the goals, skills, and experience of your current talent with relevant internal opportunities, taking the burden off your HR team and providing a seamless experience for your employees.

    • retain people who know your business and improve  access to skills
    • boost engagement, productivity and culture in times of structural change
    • build workforce agility and promote internal talent mobility
    • uncover hidden talent and reduce recruitment costs

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how workforce redeployment works

Randstad RiseSmart workforce redeployment solutions include implementation planning, documentation and communications tailored to your needs. You’ll also get best practices and ongoing account management. Your employees will benefit from a dedicated team of career transition experts, along with comprehensive online resources, to ensure your people are prepared to successfully move where the business needs them next.

our expertise.

Talent intelligence, technology, talent marketing and DEI are integral to Randstad RiseSmart workforce redeployment solutions. Explore each area of expertise below to learn more.

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