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With a decreasing global working population, ongoing skills gaps for specialized digital skills, increasing attrition and mismatched expectations, talent scarcity is only getting more complex. That’s why so many talent leaders are driving the transformation to become skills-based organizations that recognize the importance of human potential, not just experience. 

Access our new interactive dashboard to dive into critical talent intelligence that will help you not only attract, but develop and retain, people who have the in-demand skills your enterprise needs:

  • AI & automation
  • audit & compliance
  • cloud computing
  • customer service
  • data science & analytics
  • engineering & maintenance
  • finance & accounting
  • marketing, content & advertising
  • software project management & leadership

You’ll also get access to an extensive executive summary that highlights key findings and shares proactive strategies you can use to drive talent attraction.

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about the latest in-demand skills research

The Randstad Enterprise Intelligence team utilized a number of data sources across 23 different markets to compile the list of in-demand skill clusters for the latest Global In-demand Skills research. We sourced millions of job postings and worker profiles to analyze important data on supply and demand, remote working, gender diversity, compensation and other factors, and examined key skills that drive the majority of all global enterprise job demand, leading to the creation of our top 9 skill clusters.

Data sources vary based on those that are most representative for each market and include verified information (such as census data) and granular data (such as skill level, job advertisement databases, professional networking sites, social media, vertical networks and more). The research and analysis were conducted in the third and fourth quarters of 2023. Additional desk research involved various news and information sources to provide context and insights relevant to each skill cluster. 

You can learn more about the complete methodology, markets and research dimensions on the Global In-demand Skills research dashboard.

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