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talent BPO case study: digital communication leader gains agility and talent advantage.

digital communication leader gains agility and talent advantage.

Flexible recruiting, sourcing and process support helps company free up 30% of internal workload to refocus on strategic talent initiatives

a global leader in digital communications

The company needed to scale and flex recruitment in line with fluctuating demand in 20 markets across APAC, Europe and North America.

By augmenting the company’s internal talent acquisition function with Randstad Sourceright Talent BPO (business process outsourcing), the company is able to scale up and down to meet fluctuations in hiring demand.

key results
With flexible global recruiting, sourcing and process support for all facets of talent acquisition, the company has freed up 30% of workload to refocus on strategic talent initiatives while partnering to hire 22,000 people in a year.

fluctuating hiring demands requires recruitment that can flex

With an industry-leading portfolio of technology innovations that connects industries and communities in a dynamic, growth environment, this global provider of digital communication solutions engages Randstad Sourceright to support its internal recruitment processes in 20 countries across APAC, Europe and North America. As its recruitment augmentation partner, we enable the internal talent acquisition team to flex and scale with capable and experienced external recruiting resources as business needs arise.

There is a significant focus on business agility as the company requires a highly scalable solution to manage demand in line with significant fluctuations in talent needs as it typically divests and reinvests businesses at rapid scale and speed.

a solution that swiftly responds to business needs

Randstad Sourceright's agile Talent BPO solution plays a vital role in supporting the company's in-house talent acquisition team. Initially, the flexible solution primarily addressed difficult-to-fill roles in cloud and security engineering, along with engineers, technicians, account representatives and customer service specialists. Over the course of a 10-year relationship, the recruitment model now encompasses multi-function recruiter support across all regions.

This highly flexible model is instrumental in responding to the company's unique recruitment approach. With more than 400 Randstad Sourceright recruiters, sourcers and program coordinators at the company’s disposal, the organization can swiftly meet its ever-evolving business needs. The partnership involves a close collaboration in various recruitment tasks, including sourcing, assessment, training, performance evaluation, screening, talent pipelining and administrative activities.

To accommodate the organization's evolving requirements, the teams at Randstad Sourceright adapt to the influx of roles and allocate resources based on skills and business needs. The Talent BPO also provides education programs for key client and talent acquisition team members across topics such as talent advisory, employer branding, sourcing, diversity sourcing and engineering recruiting training.

The partnership is built on mutual trust and a strategic collaboration that extends beyond on-demand recruiting resources to now include innovative talent models such as democratized career coaching, internal mobility and talent transition services.

a responsive partnership that delivers results

As long-term partners working together to deliver on business objectives and drive impact across the talent life cycle, this responsive and scalable talent acquisition model:

  • frees up 30% of workload for the company to refocus on strategic talent initiatives
  • ramps critical recruiting resources up and down in line with business needs — including scaling up by 450 recruiters in four months to support post-pandemic hiring
  • partners to hire 22,000 people in a year
  • consistently maintains impressive net promoter scores (NPS) above 9
  • receives supplier of the year recognition from procurement
  • grows a 10+ year partnership with six successful contract renewals

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