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talent BPO case study: global tech company gains business process efficiency, cost control and greater recruitment agility.

Recruitment support for audit/screening, interview scheduling and offer preparation drives process efficiency, compliance and cost savings

Recruitment support for audit/screening, interview scheduling and offer preparation drives process efficiency, compliance and cost savings

a large, global tech company

The company sought to reduce talent acquisition costs — without sacrificing quality — while alleviating the administrative burden placed on its internal recruitment teams to deliver positive, consistent candidate and hiring manager experiences.

A talent business process outsourcing (BPO) program, initiated as early as 2004, has evolved over the years to support audit and screening, interview scheduling and offer letter preparation — all following stringent compliance protocols for all external, internal and University recruitment hires in the U.S., Canada and Latin American regions.

key results
With the ability to flex across changing hiring volumes over the last five years, the Talent BPO program has managed more than 313,000 interview scheduling transactions and 126,500 offer creation transactions, while maintaining quality, compliance and an overall 9.3 NPS rating.

focusing on core recruitment competences

A multinational tech company specializing in a diverse array of software products, services and devices encountered significant challenges that hindered its recruitment strategy. As a result, the efficiency and speed of its recruitment pipeline was negatively impacted in an industry that is notoriously wrought with fierce competition for top-tier talent.

The organization’s internal talent acquisition teams expressed an overwhelming administrative burden to resource, predict and manage fluctuations in hiring volumes while flawlessly executing the audit and screening, interview scheduling and offer letter preparation of job candidates — all processes that require adherence to rigorous standards of compliance.

As the company did not have a cohesive and simplified technology stack across its target markets, the administrative overhead was highly prohibitive, challenging talent resources and hampering the ability to deliver tangible cost reduction and process efficiency, while meeting high standards of candidate experience.

The company sought a credible, global outsourcing partner with the infrastructure to support its recruitment operations in the U.S. and Canada. A global partnership launched with Randstad Sourceright as early as 2004 to offset these challenges and empower the company’s in-house recruitment teams to focus on higher-value, core recruitment tasks within the talent acquisition journey.

continuous improvement drives greater efficiency and agility

For nearly two decades this long-term global Talent BPO partnership has been focused on delivering continuous year-over-year process improvement. While the partnership began with interview scheduling for approximately 15,000 hires in 2004, it quickly expanded to support back office administration support such as expense reimbursement, governance, compliance auditing and background check audits.

By 2016, the program had grown to support more than 11 business divisions. In 2017, the program further expanded to enable University recruitment hiring, and in 2019, it incorporated support in the LATAM region, which had previously employed a decentralized, contractor-driven model. By 2020, the global partnership had established significant trust and credibility to further support executive-level interview scheduling and offers.

Over the years, the Talent BPO has evolved from an exclusively on-site program to a hybrid delivery model, and now supports the company virtually to maximize coverage and contain costs. To date, the Talent BPO program oversees a broad spectrum of recruitment needs across three major markets (the U.S., Canada and LATAM), including interview scheduling, offer processing and compliance checks for various candidate categories across all role complexities for the global employer. This includes internal and external candidates to university hires and senior executive-level candidates. Given the organization is a parent to numerous large subsidiaries, the Talent BPO also facilitates internal talent mobility efforts through cross-company scheduling and hiring, as well as offer processing.

achieving efficiency and agility in uncertain times

One of the primary metrics to gauge efficiency is the rate at which candidates are contacted promptly. Within the program, a staggering 92% of all candidates across all levels are reached within a swift 4-hour window, a testament to team productivity and a positive candidate experience.

In addition, to maintain high levels of candidate satisfaction, Randstad Sourceright introduced a two-hour escalation response process. Stringent protocols and a talent-centric approach to candidate interactions has led to fewer than .2% of interview requests necessitating escalation. The ability to navigate through scheduling complexities with high consistency and quality has led to an average 9.3 Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating.

From the global pandemic to the tech hiring surge of 2021, and through changing economic conditions, the company has been able to swiftly respond to these market fluctuations with greater agility to scale hiring and align recruitment support where and as needed — all without carrying substantial financial risk and personnel-related costs.

With a model that is designed to flex resources to changing requirements, the Talent BPO has successfully facilitated over 313,000 interview scheduling transactions and 126,500 offer creation transactions over the last five years. Management of this scale and volume illustrates a program that continues to operate with agility in an ever-changing business climate.

The Talent BPO program has consistently met and exceeded stakeholder expectations year on year, as recorded by the 2023 procurement supplier scorecard, where Randstad Sourceright has achieved 4.3/5.

Today, Randstad Sourceright’s subject matter experts and offshore team is seamlessly embedded within the company’s recruitment ecosystem. Through executive sponsorship and engagement, the company gains access to a team of global HR experts who have a deep understanding of its unique business intricacies, organizational dynamics and requirements, while possessing high proficiency to navigate the complex technological landscape from which it operates.

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