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talent BPO case study: global tech conglomerate transforms recruiting strategy to drive efficiency and lower costs.

Deep recruiting know-how, agility and strong human touch combine to empower internal talent acquisition teams while enhancing the candidate experience

Deep recruiting know-how, agility and strong human touch combine to empower internal talent acquisition teams while enhancing the candidate experience

multinational technology conglomerate

The company sought to drive cost efficiency, improve quality of service and scale at speed to support fluctuating recruiting demands, all while delivering an exceptional job candidate experience.

By implementing a talent business process outsourcing (BPO) program, the company transformed how it manages candidate interview scheduling as well as screening and match support for candidate referrals.

key results
The company has achieved business agility, process efficiency and significant cost containment, with outsourcing recruitment support that has enabled over 500,000 candidate interactions and scheduled more than 76,000 interviews within the first six months.

shifting demands drive need for agility and cost efficiency

As a leading technology conglomerate with numerous well-known brands and a strong global presence, delivering new innovations while driving operational efficiency are critical. To achieve both and keep up with fluctuating demands across regions, the company must be able to quickly hire the right people who can deliver on its goals and maintain its strong reputation.

Given the sheer size of the company and depth and breadth of its operations, managing all recruiting support tasks internally across the U.S., APAC and Brazil carried a heavy administrative burden and cost. As the company looked to increase automation internally, Human Resource leaders sought a large-scale outsourcing solution that would help achieve cost containment, hyper-agility and scalability through a global support model that manages high-volume recruitment support tasks, such as scheduling candidate interviews and conducting screening and match support for candidate referrals.

While the company used a vendor management system (VMS) previously to execute the screening and matching support, this approach was limited in performance and scalability. In the absence of a dedicated, single source of talent to support fluctuating recruiting needs, it was not well positioned to provide the exceptional candidate experience central to the company’s culture.

collaborative approach builds foundation for success

Since the company was adopting an enterprise-wide outsourcing solution for the first time, selecting a trusted business partner with the global infrastructure, operational excellence and stamina to scale at pace across changing business needs was essential. The company partnered with Randstad Sourceright on a Talent BPO solution, based on its extensive experience and track record of successful partnerships with similar global tech brands.

Equipped with the Talent BPO solution, the company is able to scale rapidly to assist its talent acquisition team with interview scheduling support across business regions, saving significant time and internal resources. And by relying on the program to review and route incoming referrals and candidate leads, the team can swiftly match them with open positions across the organization. In addition, the program also manages labor market testing, a process that validates the requirements to bring international talent to the U.S. who will require sponsorship for an H-1B visa or green card.

Typical BPO solutions within the recruitment engine are generally not high-touch programs; however, Randstad Sourceright’s Talent BPO model offers the company a human approach to the candidate experience. High-touch processes and consistency across all operations — for candidates and hiring managers alike — ensures seamless alignment to the company’s culture and experience standards as well as greater speed and efficiency.

With an aggressive implementation target of just four weeks, the company — in collaboration with Randstad Sourceright — placed emphasis on effective change management to ensure rapid transition. This involved the use of dedicated training, audit and reporting specialists that not only ensured the program would be implemented and adopted by the company’s team successfully, but continue to drive its long-term success.

Key to the program’s success is a true partnership characterized by continuous solution-oriented, data-driven dialogue between the company and Randstad Sourceright — a dynamic that has ensured a “no-noise” transition during early implementation and has continued to enhance collaboration and program optimization. Regular in-person discovery and implementation sessions continue to build trust and understanding, while dedicated training specialists support further refinement of training plans, e-learning and knowledge assessments to continue increasing service quality.

Since implementation, the tasks handled by the Talent BPO program are expanding to better serve the company’s evolving needs. For instance, it was determined after implementation that a rapid response team was needed to support sharp pivots in hiring volumes. And as volumes grew and scaled, the Talent BPO team grew rapidly — an increase of 300% of the original team size — to maintain candidate interaction and interview rates.

Given early signs of partnership success, new services through the Talent BPO to further enhance the overall talent experience are being explored for further piloting. These include:

  • candidate review debriefs: meetings in which director-level-and-above leaders review a group of candidates at once
  • concierge services: on-site staff to escort candidates to interviews and help with hiring events
  • a utility swat team: to manage last-minute changes to interviews and respond to candidates in a timely manner
  • escalation support: to manage any escalations, find the root cause and provide resolution

elevate the recruiting process, enhance the talent experience

In less than six months since the launch, the program has already conducted nearly 500,000 candidate interactions and scheduled more than 76,000 interviews. While the company set the goal of screening and matching support for 150,000 candidate referrals annually, it has achieved 60,000 in the third quarter alone, putting it well on track to surpass that goal.

As demand continues to fluctuate given market trends and business needs, the Talent BPO team is able to keep pace, shifting tasks and talent between interview scheduling and screening and matching support as needed. By forging a highly collaborative relationship with an outsourcing partner, this multinational technology conglomerate is able to achieve the goals set out from the beginning: cost savings, greater agility, improved process efficiency and maintaining a stellar talent experience.

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