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MSP case study: Uniper engages freelancers to improve talent quality.


Gain visibility and control over contingent labor costs with best-in-class practices and tech, while remaining compliant with local laws and regulations.

Uniper case study MSP FMS contingent workforce solution

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gaining visibility and control across countries

Uniper, a multinational energy company, employs more than 11,000 employees in over 40 countries all over the world. Contingent talent forms a critical part of the company’s overall workforce, and the company’s leaders were seeking to manage this important population in a standardized way across various countries. Some of their key priorities included fast delivery of quality candidates and an increase in compliance, risk mitigation and cost savings.

After evaluating a number of providers, Uniper selected Randstad Sourceright to serve as its managed service provider (MSP) partner for its HR technology expertise. The program, launched in 2017, includes MSP delivery in three countries (Germany, U.K. and Sweden) with plans to expand. The MSP is primarily focused on IT and engineering professionals, although the program covers all contingent worker disciplines.

tech and touch: where partnerships thrive

Uniper is a very innovative, technology-driven organization, with a strong focus on a human connection. The company’s strategy is closely aligned with the Randstad “tech and touch” strategy that combines human expertise with digital solutions to transform the way people and jobs connect.

Uniper used to rely heavily on their own networks to find contingent talent, especially in the U.K. and Germany, where in some cases up to 80% of candidates were originating from the same talent pool. The company realized an opportunity to bring greater innovation to its process to improve quality and showed interest in utilizing a freelancer tool that would provide a wider candidate base.

Earlier in 2019, we implemented the Uniper Freelancer Platform powered by Twago, a talent management platform and an integral part of the Randstad Innovation Fund, that now allows Uniper to expand its freelancer network outside of the pool of contractors they historically relied upon, whilst in the future, also achieving cost savings.

Uniper and Randstad Sourceright are currently in the process of implementing new value-added technologies, such as TalentRadar, Randstad Sourceright’s talent analytics platform that combines data from a variety of sources to enable talent forecasting, manage skills supply and demand, and measure recruiting performance.

“It’s great to see that relationship between Uniper and Randstad Sourceright is now delivering new innovative solutions in addition to the good collaboration as managed service provider for our temporary workforce. Well done by both teams of our companies.”
— Jan Taschenberger, executive vice president, Procurement and Real Estate Management, Uniper 

collaboration and program expansion

The collaboration between Uniper and Randstad Sourceright is based on trust and continues to develop and expand as new solutions, technologies and scope are added into the current MSP.

Some of the key results to date include:

  • Cost efficiencies: technology and process enhancements have led to hard and soft savings
  • Better spend visibility: overview of spend and full transparency of the hiring process through controls and analytics
  • Compliance: the program is flexible and tailored within each country and business area, based on local labor laws and legislative requirements, yet also standardized where there are opportunities for efficiencies

As we move ahead, new service lines are being added and the MSP is evolving to cover other talent types, including the recent implementation of statement of work (SOW) in the United Kingdom. By expanding to including SOW talent, the client is moving toward a single integrated contingent workforce solution, that offers additional strategic advantages and improved cost savings. 

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