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MSP case study: achieving greater consistency, compliance and cost savings.


Improved governance and understanding of suppliers helps leading bakery manufacturer to identify contingent talent needs and get the right people on board.

Randstad Sourceright MSP case study food manufacturing

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This leading bakery product manufacturer is a vast organization with 20 global brands, more than 60 bakery locations and over 22,000 associates. Given these multiple channels, gaining consistency in how it identifies and fills key temporary roles became a challenge. The company now partners with Randstad Sourceright on a managed services program (MSP) to create a more consistent and compliant recruiting process for the entire organization.

challenges and goals

With more than 20 brands across 60 locations, this leading bakery product manufacturer was seeking a unified strategy and proper governance over its temporary talent strategy. The ultimate goals were to create more visibility across brands, streamline how it hires temp talent and achieve cost savings.

the solution

Partnering with Randstad Sourceright on an MSP contingent workforce solution, the company is better able to keep up with shifting contingent talent demands and peak periods throughout the year. The program covers all roles, including those that are hardest to fill, such as drivers and heavy industrial positions. The company is also working on improving processes and eliminating rogue spend among hiring managers.

The MSP is currently assessing supplier strategy and is expected to reduce the number of suppliers by nearly half. This step will ensure that the bakery manufacturer has the appropriate levels of support from a vendor community that actively participates in securing the right contingent talent.

key results

Although still early in its MSP program, the company already benefits from a streamlined and unified process for filling gaps with right-fit talent. Since implementation, the bakery manufacturer has also partnered with Randstad Inhouse Services to support the opening of a new bakery plant. Randstad managed onboarding and compliance for over 160 employees onsite.

As the program evolves, the company will continue to adopt new strategies — such as building the infrastructure for talent analytics, as well as implementing more standardized screening methods and rate structures across its various brands — to further improve its temp talent strategy.

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