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RPO case study: sourcing talent with special skill sets to launch a shared services center.

demand for multilingual candidates is met with a well-designed recruitment process outsourcing program in Brazil

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Finding quality talent is difficult enough in a competitive labor market. But requiring that candidates speak three languages to support the Latin American region might be three times as challenging. So when a global chemicals manufacturer needed to staff its shared services center with workers who speak Portuguese, Spanish and English, the company’s talent leaders called in the experts. To fill the roles, the organization turned to Randstad Sourceright to deliver a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program that delivered the skills needed quickly and cost-effectively.

the success

well-matched, qualified candidates

After filling the first-year requisition volume of 110 roles, turnover among the new hires was only 3%. This indicates a strong match of candidates delivered to the needs of each hiring manager.

supporting workplace diversity

Because Brazil is a market with a high percentage of candidates who are disabled, the company set goals that would help it be a more inclusive workplace. Through the RPO, 10% of the positions were filled with people with disabilities.

a stand-out talent experience

Driven by transparency and communication, both hiring managers and job seekers are highly satisfied with the recruiting experience. Candidates give the employer a 4.3 score (out of 5) while hiring managers rate it 4.1. The RPO delivers a hiring experience that that keeps talent engaged and informed, and provides hiring managers with excellent applicant slates.

driving change management

Through an extensive change management effort that engaged regional stakeholders, the program quickly gained support and buy-in from these leaders. As a result, the RPO was launched on schedule and began delivering results early on.

the situation

When one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers decided to consolidate its Latin American shared services to Brazil, it faced a daunting task. To ensure the facility could service its internal customers in the multilingual region, the center needed talent who could speak a minimum of three languages. To ensure its workforce at the new facility reflects the diverse population of Brazil, the company also set diversity goals for its new hires. With limited internal recruiting resources, the industry leader sought outside expertise to quickly source and screen this skilled talent to meet demand.

The company needed an effective and comprehensive RPO that could meet several key requirements while delivering the hires quickly and cost-effectively. The organization’s talent leaders also wanted a solution that could continuously add value to strategic recruitment and consistently deliver a positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

the solution

Working with global talent solutions provider, Randstad Sourceright, the chemical manufacturer quickly found the expertise it needed to support its business initiative. Randstad Sourceright’s team of recruitment experts developed an end-to-end solution that now delivers highly-specialized talent that meets the shared services center’s specific criteria.

RPO solution design began with an extensive briefing on the company’s requirements, the skills involved, performance metrics and other criteria essential for successful ramp-up of the shared services center. To align the RPO model with business strategy, the employer’s global resourcing team provided a complete look at what they hoped to achieve in launching a centralized shared services center.

Highlights of the solution follow:

  • Delivering on a variety of skills such as engineering, logistics, quality assurance and customer service, the RPO has already met time-to-fill goals. On average, roles are filled within 30 days, with a time to submit of 12 days. Within the first year, the RPO has achieved a 91% fill rate. And those candidates are great matches; the company sees just 3% turnover on these new hires.
  • Adding complexity, the company’s Bazilian talent leaders entered the RPO process after the decision on an external solution was made. To ensure a successful implementation, a strong change management strategy was implemented by Randstad Sourceright. Seeking stakeholder input and decision-making, the RPO quickly won buy-in, which drives ongoing adoption and program success.
  • An enhanced workflow and a suite of recruitment technologies enable more efficient, yet high-touch, processes that provide value to all stakeholders. Candidates and hiring managers consistently cite a positive recruitment experience, with an average of more than 4 out of 5.
  • To help attract qualified candidates, an employer brand initiative raises the company’s profile. By highlighting its employee value proposition and demonstrating its engaging corporate culture, the company is able to engage the specialized talent it needs.

Looking ahead, the chemical manufacturer is eager to expand its RPO to deliver additional value and insights. The company will be implementing Randstad Sourceright’s TalentRadar analytics platform, online assessments and candidate tracking, and in-depth diversity hiring research. Additionally, the employer expects to expand the program to include other operations as well.

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