optimizing talent acquisition with RPO.


Today’s recruitment solutions use talent analytics, recruitment technology and innovative sourcing strategies to get your organization the people it needs. Learn how recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) helps you source, screen, engage, hire and onboard the right talent while building business agility.


what is RPO in recruitment?

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing: a solution that can support part or all of your company’s permanent workforce hiring processes. Offering process excellence, a scalable model, cost savings, a technology stack, market intelligence and predictive talent analytics, recruitment process outsourcing helps you find and identify the right talent quickly.

Your RPO model can be customized with a specific set of services to directly address your company’s goals, requirements and recruiting challenges. Recruitment resources can be scaled up or down based on changing hiring needs, providing your business with a high degree of agility. Some RPO partners also offer contingent workforce management, talent mobility, talent development and talent transition services, helping you provide a positive talent experience across the total talent life cycle.

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what are the benefits of outsourcing recruitment?

No matter your company’s goals or priorities, recruitment process outsourcing can bring flexibility and efficiency to your hiring process. There are many benefits of RPO:

  • enhance workforce planning and gain agility using market insights and talent intelligence
  • find and engage the right talent faster with innovative sourcing and screening strategies, AI-powered recruitment technologies, and proven talent marketing and employer branding programs
  • minimize hiring costs by reducing reliance on third-party agencies
  • build a more diverse workforce, a more equitable hiring experience and a culture where people feel valued
  • create talent pools for niche and in-demand skills to source qualified talent faster
  • gain specialized sourcing, talent marketing, candidate management and onboarding expertise instantly without having to invest in internal resources
  • mitigate risks with compliant hiring practices
  • build the process and technological infrastructure necessary to move toward a total talent management model 

what are the various RPO models?

There are several considerations when determining what type of recruitment process outsourcing solution is best for your organization.


what are the costs of RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing rates are based on a monthly management, placement and/or project fee. In an end-to-end solution, you would typically guarantee a minimum volume of hires for baseline RPO pricing. For each placement, an incremental charge is added.

A project RPO engagement may be similarly priced, but because the scope and volume are usually well defined and distinct, your partner may be able to provide a more specific estimate. In selective RPO, fees can be determined by volume (per candidate scheduled for interviews, for instance) or a specific project (e.g., an employer brand audit). In all cases, costs tend to be lower than those of a recruitment agency.


how do I determine the right recruitment solution?

Selecting the right RPO model depends on your company’s immediate challenges and future goals. Answering these questions can set you on the right path:

  • Do we need resources on a temporary or permanent basis?
  • Do we want to transform our company’s current recruitment processes?
  • Are our agency use and costs consistently high due to ineffective internal recruitment strategies?
  • Do we want our recruitment capabilities to reflect the most updated methods and practices?
  • Are our talent needs urgent due to a new initiative or problems with the internal team?
  • Do we know how and when technologies, such as AI, recruitment marketing tools, candidate engagement solutions or talent intelligence, can best complement our expertise to improve our recruitment results?

Each model offers great flexibility and agility. The solution that is right for you today can evolve with your business to adapt as markets change.


how do we get started?

Start your RPO journey by identifying issues that get in the way of your ability to attract and hire high-quality talent quickly. Once you have an understanding of those challenges, you can work with the experts to better determine the right RPO model for your organization.

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