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integrated MSP case study: regional energy company transforms workforce planning.

Adding visibility and talent innovation with a next-generation MSP

Randstad Sourceright MSP case study energy

A Fortune 500 energy company serving more than 3.6 million electric and natural gas customers in New England relies on a large contingent workforce of IT, administrative and professional talent to drive its key initiatives forward. Seeking to adopt a holistic approach to talent strategy, the company now partners with Randstad Sourceright for an integrated managed services program (MSP). With a high-touch, data-centric talent model in place, the regional energy company is adding visibility and innovation to workforce planning.

the success

industry-leading intelligence

The company’s next-generation talent model delivers ongoing innovation and value, including a monthly reporting dashboard for the senior leadership team that provides insights on spend, headcount and performance. 

on-time implementation

Randstad Sourceright and the regional energy company developed an implementation plan encompassing future workflow design, change management, staff training, go-live and continued support. The plan also included replacing the company’s existing vendor management system (VMS) to better automate certain processes and enable a greater focus on the people aspect. The implementation was completed and operational with an on-site team ready to jump in as needed. 

getting everyone onboard

As part of the MSP program, Randstad Sourceright works with the company’s project management team to facilitate change management and train all users on the new technology. Experienced program and delivery consultation teams provide ongoing support, ensuring little to no disruption on existing projects.

the situation

In an effort to build upon its previously successful contingent workforce strategy, the regional energy company was seeking ways to transform its existing vendor-neutral MSP program to a more holistic and integrated model. By doing so, the company knew it could gain greater access to high-quality talent, risk mitigation and process efficiency. Furthermore, it would more quickly and cost effectively deliver the exact talent resources that the business needed on any given day.

As the company operates in a highly regulated industry, another key success factor for its MSP strategy is consistent utilization and limiting rogue spend. The new model had to deliver a superior stakeholder experience, demonstrating the value of sourcing contingent labor through the program to hiring managers, and offering technology that provides a user-friendly experience.

The company also hoped to gain greater visibility into its spend on talent, as well as assistance to drive cost savings and create greater consistency across all contracts and engagements. Just as crucial was finding a provider that could assist with change management for the company’s large hiring manager and user populations across multiple states. Seeking a consultative approach and data driven decision-making, the company needed a partner that would bring creative solutions to move the business forward and advance organizational goals, such as diversity spend initiatives, as well as dynamic and compliant labor policies.

To drive the necessary improvements in its contingent talent strategy, the regional energy company selected Randstad Sourceright as its integrated MSP partner to deliver a new, streamlined approach for its staffing and payrolling needs.

the solution

With an implementation plan in place, Randstad Sourceright works closely with the client team to ensure a smooth transition and a high-touch, consultative strategy. Highlights include:

a collaborative approach
Key client decision-makers collaborate with a dedicated program management team consisting of an area vice president, solutions delivery consultant and two account managers. The strategy includes a formalized communication structure and town hall events to keep all stakeholder populations informed, a rigorous data collection and solution review process, and continuous end-user education initiatives.

successful change management
Providing a hands-on approach, the new talent model includes in-depth training that highlights the benefits provided. The team also facilitates training on the VMS to help personnel manage the contingent labor staffing process.

the road ahead
With the implementation successfully completed, the company has sought additional ways to work with Randstad Sourceright. The program has already evolved to include a custom reporting function for leadership and enhancements to the internship program and headcount tracking.


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