how does integrated MSP work?

Are you getting access to the best contractors, freelancers, and other contingent talent? Integrated MSP delivers the talent pipeline you need to fill your critical roles quickly.
You’ll get access to dedicated expert program teams who deliver an exceptional experience for candidates, hiring managers, and suppliers. Configurable vendor management systems (VMS), TalentRadar — our proprietary talent analytics platform — and Randstad Market Insights provide meaningful business intelligence to help you get the talent you need when you need it and achieve sustainable, long-term growth and cost savings.

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the benefits of integrated MSP

  • better align talent strategy with business strategy
  • cut costs by 15% on average through improved visibility, standardization, and direct fulfillment
  • accelerate access to critical talent
  • enhance the quality of talent by optimizing the supply chain
  • drive talent and hiring manager satisfaction with a high-touch experience
  • reduce rogue spend and potential risks for non-compliance

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