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RPO case study: WPS Health Solutions expands services for military members.

learn how full-scale RPO services helped this insurance improve strategic recruitment to meet aggressive hiring goals

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Randstad Sourceright RPO services strategic recruitmentWith a legacy of more than 70 years, WPS Health Solutions operates as a leading not-for-profit health insurer based in Wisconsin. Expanding expertise has allowed the company to also become a major provider of administrative and other health benefit services to the U.S. government. WPS Health Solutions now reaches millions of military members and their families in the United States and overseas.

When WPS was awarded a new government contract, Randstad Sourceright implemented full-scale recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. The RPO model has enabled WPS to meet aggressive new staffing needs and provide an exceptional candidate experience, all while navigating exacting government contracting requirements.

the success

meeting aggressive requirements

The WPS government contract features various unique elements. A seamless partnership enables Randstad Sourceright and WPS to respond to and effectively embrace the contract’s many nuances. This includes moving time variables, heightened security requirements, government-mandated processes and contractual performance conditions.

standing out through talent experience

The Randstad Sourceright team implements an ongoing communication strategy to directly engage, inform and strengthen relationships with new hires. This takes place prior to the client’s subsequent onboarding and training programs.

850 new placements

Approximately 350 customer service candidates and an additional 500 support positions have been processed and placed in a little more than a year.

coordinated tiered hiring

To meet contractual parameters, talent acquisition processes are timed to coincide with monthly candidate training intervals.

exceeding expectations

Service level agreements (SLAs) have been met and exceeded with respect to contract budget targets, timelines, business process enhancements, contractual headcount requirements, the quality of talent delivered, the candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction scores.

the situation

The Military and Veterans Health business unit of WPS Health Solutions was awarded new government business, substantially expanding the company’s footprint in providing health benefit services to U.S. military members and their families. WPS’s mission was to add permanent full-time employees in several key talent areas to support growth in Virginia and Wisconsin. Government contractual requirements meant sourcing, completing government background checks, interviewing, training and onboarding 850 new hires in no more than 13 months.

“I met with the most recently hired supervisors and again heard what a great experience it was. One said she had been on a few interviews and had interacted with different companies. She said we were by far the best. Organized, consistent follow up, professional from start to finish. Overall a great representation of WPS.”

— Kelly Wood, vice president customer service, WPS Military and Veteran Health

the solution

Randstad Sourceright RPO services strategic recruitmentWPS Health Solutions’ end-to-end RPO talent model includes targeted market research, direct sourcing and strategic recruitment marketing methods. Sourcing and recruitment strategies include social media outreach support, coordination and execution of local hiring events, and implementation of invitation-only interview days. The Randstad Sourceright team also ensures success of the RPO model by staying aligned with with WPS hiring managers at strategic points along the talent acquisition process. RPO services highlights include:

  • strategic sourcing to attract candidates in various talent fields, such as customer service, IT/computing, finance and accounting, claims adjusting and all aligned management areas
  • relationship development with the Career Development Center in Hampton, Virginia, a robust source of local employment knowledge, support, resources and regional reach
  • timing the sourcing and processing of 850 new hires, creating an ongoing talent pipeline to coincide with monthly training and onboarding scheduling
  • achieving 75 percent of customer service representative hiring four months earlier than expected
  • developing, conducting, monitoring and tracking a candidate background check process to meet the heightened security requirements of the U.S. government
  • completing and exceeding candidate sourcing, processing, new hire placement and other service level agreements on schedule and in response to shifting U.S. government time parameters
  • developing and managing an RPO talent acquisition model that could satisfy both WPS business goals and the rigorous requirements of its U.S. government client

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