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RPO case study: transform talent strategy with insights and HR tech.

Specialist for on-the-go consumption redesigns recruitment process and creates transparency with project RPO

ATS HR technology case study RPO Randstad Sourceright

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talent scarcity and competition require change

Employee and candidate experience are as important to this company in on-the-go consumption as customer experience is. As a result, the company continuously looks to improve the ways it interacts with its customers, employees and candidates.

Operating in a highly competitive market, the company employs over 700 employees in the Netherlands. With a goal to hire more permanent employees directly, reducing the need for third-party agencies, the organization's leaders hoped to standardize its recruitment practices in the Netherlands.

Partnering with Randstad Sourceright on a project recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution in the Netherlands, the company now uses insights and technology to advance recruitment. Talent acquisition leaders worked with Randstad Sourceright talent advisors to design a fully customized recruitment process that would propel them ahead of the competition.

a modern approach to talent acquisition

Previously, hiring was managed in a decentralized, disparate approach. For example, local distribution managers were responsible for the hiring, and there wasn't a clear set of clear guidelines nor talent market insights to support decision-making. In the new structure, designated recruiters provide the hiring managers with the insights they need for each role.

Randstad Sourceright’s advisors also helped the client select and implement an applicant tracking system (ATS). The platform selected brings all elements of the recruitment process together, while also automating manual tasks. It also allows talent leaders to focus on added-value activities.

employer branding and talent analytics: a recipe for success

The company is often recruiting for temporary roles with high turnover and competing with companies offering higher salaries due to collective labor agreements. The scarcity of these profiles, combined with high level of competition, were making it challenging for the leaders to fill these roles.

As part of the project RPO, experts from Randstad Sourceright completed an employer brand assessment to review the full candidate journey and identify improvement areas. To strengthen the company’s employer brand, job advertisements are optimized to ensure they are written in a way that attracts the best talent. The RPO has also designed personas for two of the most critical profiles that the company hires for: truck drivers and order pickers. As a result, the company has filled 25 permanent high-demand, low-supply positions in the wholesale space.

The team also provided insights into the labor market challenges and offered recommendations for improvement that were taken on by the company’s leaders. The cooperation has been successful and the client now has the required tools and processes in place to create a plan for the years to come.

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