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RPO case study: tech consulting company enhances brand awareness to attract cybersecurity talent.

Multichannel campaign and engaging creative platform help company stand out and win over candidates

the challenges of finding niche, in-demand talent

Cybersecurity experts are crucial to this tech consulting company’s goal of helping its clients protect their businesses from the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks. From working with the latest cutting-edge technologies, to designing, developing and implementing new solutions, the company’s specialists help mitigate that risk.

However, in the post-COVID hiring landscape, good talent is increasingly hard to find — especially those with highly sought-after, niche skills like cybersecurity. As cybersecurity is one of the top ten in-demand skills for 2023, positions requiring the expertise are among the most challenging to fill. With cyberattacks rising due to accelerated digitalization in industries worldwide, the company faced growing competition for cybersecurity experts as it sought to hire from a shrinking talent pool.

Given these challenges, the company realized that to attract the best cybersecurity candidates to support its clients, it would have to do more to stand out from the crowd and encourage candidates to apply to its positions.

attract talent by understanding what drives them

The company partnered with Randstad Sourceright on a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program with talent marketing advisory support, focusing on brand awareness to ensure a robust volume of applicants for its cybersecurity positions across North America. Extensive research was conducted to better understand the drivers for cybersecurity talent and develop that brand awareness campaign. Based on the research findings, the company implemented a multi-channel campaign across North America, focusing on key drivers and creative concepts that adapt for its target audience of cybersecurity experts.

Built in line with the company’s employee value proposition, the creative platform focuses on the sense of purpose and is designed to better connect with cybersecurity talent and speak directly to their interests. Creative campaign assets reference the “red” and “blue” teams, which play an important role in defending against advanced cyber attacks and threaten business communications, sensitive client data and trade secrets.

To further support its hiring efforts, the strategy also included a dedicated landing page with tailored messaging and positioning statements highlighting the reasons to believe, as well as end-to-end communications for sourcing experts and recruiters to further help them engage talent and move candidates through the process.

increased brand awareness creates robust candidate pipeline

Since implementing the RPO program and talent marketing campaign, the company has greatly increased awareness of its open positions and career opportunities. Its eye-catching, innovative creative campaign achieved 8.6 million impressions — the most important metric in measuring brand awareness efforts.

Overall, those impressions have resulted in more than 103,000 clicks and 1,101 applications, highlighting the success of the program in addressing the drivers of cybersecurity talent and attracting them to the company.

“As a result of the RPO program and talent marketing support, the company gained a significant advantage in the competition for high-demand cybersecurity talent,” said Tindy Robleto, head of Client Partners, North America for Randstad Sourceright. “It also benefited from a strong pipeline of cybersecurity professionals while gaining awareness as an employer of choice in this highly competitive space.”

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