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RPO case study: Olymel creates a more consistent and effective recruiting process.

Canadian-based food processing company fills more than 140 roles per month.

Randstad Sourceright RPO case study food processing decentralized recruitment

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limited resources drive the need for external help

Olymel hires more than 1000 general labor positions each year across five main meat packing plants throughout Canada. Yet, the company often faces difficulty filling these important roles. With the perception of unattractive work tasks within the Olymel plants, engaging the high volume of talent needed – and keeping them retained – has been a challenge.

Complicating matters is that the company had a decentralized talent acquisition function, with separate processes across its different plants and regions, preventing a consistent company-wide strategy.

With limited time and resources to devote to a robust recruitment operation, the company sought to achieve a more cohesive strategy to attract talent for its general labor, drive applications and ultimately welcome new employees. As a result, Olymel turned to Randstad Sourceright to implement a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program.

achieving consistent and effective recruitment

Olymel RPO case study

In selecting Randstad Sourceright’s RPO, Olymel immediately benefited from dedicated on-site, near-site and remote teams, which features more than 10 recruiters and a project manager. This team handles all stages of the recruitment process, including talent attraction strategies, recruitment events, face-to-face interviews, factory visits, background checks and hiring confirmations.

Through this approach, Olymel gains the centralization and standardization of processes necessary for a successful recruitment strategy, resulting in improved performance and faster time to fill. Since the Randstad Sourceright RPO team leverages TalentRadar, its proprietary talent analytics platform, Olymel also benefits from advanced predictive analytics to better understand data and trends and make more informed human capital decisions. Combined with an understanding of variances of different locations, and the need to adapt strategies for each plant, Olymel has a configurable but consistent approach to fill its open positions.

To ensure both teams remain aligned on fulfilling Olymel’s hiring needs, weekly calls between the company’s regional plant teams and the Randstad Sourceright delivery team are held to address any questions in real-time and ensure action plans are moving forward appropriately. In addition, a management-level steering call is held weekly to ensure each party provides what is needed to achieve program goals. Quarterly business review meetings are held every three months to ensure high-quality results, evaluate current statuses and identify changes for the future.

more qualified applicants, greater hiring success

The switch to a comprehensive and unified recruitment strategy across its meat processing and packing operations has led to significant improvements for Olymel. Since implementation, Olymel has benefited from the Randstad Sourceright team’s talent attraction strategies designed to create a robust pipeline of qualified candidates to fill Olymel’s open roles.

These efforts have led to more than 15,000 applicants from across Canada. The company is now filling more than 140 roles per month across its five main plants, as well as special ramp-up projects for other locations.

With an RPO program in place to drive greater recruiting consistency across its locations, Olymel has a proven strategy to attract qualified candidates to its open positions. Based on this success, the company is also working with Randstad Sourceright to improve on another crucial aspect of talent management – retaining those employees.

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