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RPO case study: managed care leader streamlines IT recruitment.

sourcing technical talent faster

Recognizing the role technology plays in its mission to deliver high-quality and affordable healthcare, the United States’ leading managed care provider sought to enhance its candidate experience and bring new efficiencies to the way it makes crucial hires. Partnering with Randstad Sourceright, the company’s IT department transformed how it engages high-quality IT professionals through its recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) talent model. Under its new talent acquisition model, the company benefits from a more streamlined and consistent hiring process.

the success

engaging IT talent quickly

Navigating organizational complexities and helping to facilitate change management, the new recruitment model has delivered results quickly. The company has decreased time to hire to just 32 days on average for all requisition categories in one year.

faster, more efficient talent acquisition

Within eight weeks of program implementation, the Randstad Sourceright team processed 33% more requisitions than anticipated. The managed care organization’s internal recruiters are improving onboarding time dramatically, reducing the eight-week process to just 27 days. Using Randstad Sourceright’s Candidate Connect the client is able to overcome onboarding delays and scale with projects.

a model that supports greater growth

Based on early RPO success, the IT recruiting team quickly expanded its talent acquisition model beyond the initial terms of internal-only hiring and contractor conversions to include external applicants. Other business units, including claims departments in California and Colorado, have adopted similar RPO models to replicate the IT department’s success.



the situation

Understanding the importance of providing a positive candidate experience, the managed care organization’s IT recruiting team was seeking a way to standardize and optimize its hiring processes for technical talent. Additionally, because the IT recruiting team previously managed each stage of the process for internal hires and contractor conversions, they identified an opportunity to free up recruiters to focus on hard-to-fill positions.

Recognizing the need to enhance its IT hiring process, the company partnered with Randstad Sourceright for a customized RPO solution.

the solution

Beginning with a pilot program, Randstad Sourceright strategized with the client’s internal recruiting team to optimize the processing of internal mobility candidates and contractor conversions. The new RPO model focuses on delivering an enhanced candidate experience to maintain a high level of workforce engagement. Based on initial program success, the RPO model has expanded to include processing of external candidates as well.

  • strong partnership.
    Engagement from the company’s leadership team is instrumental in ensuring alignment to organizational goals and achieving program success. To foster an effective and collaborative relationship, recruiting professionals who have the experience and cultural fit work in tandem with the client’s internal recruitment team. Additionally, Randstad Sourceright’s support team establishes a strong foundation for future success by facilitating change management and providing education on RPO, its benefits and the process.
  • standardized hiring processes.
    With its new talent acquisition model in place, the managed care organization is experiencing greater consistency through the management, streamlining and standardization of key processes such as hiring manager intakes, interview scheduling and guidance on compliance. Repetitive tasks are delegated more appropriately to other roles, giving recruiters more time to focus on sourcing and recruiting strategies for specialized and hard-to-fill roles.

With the improved talent model in place, greater emphasis and time is dedicated to candidate engagement and consulting with business leaders.