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RPO case study: executive recruitment through human-centered design.

Manufacturing mobility leader relies on RPO to quickly fill leadership positions with outside-the-box recruiting process

Randstad Sourceright executive talent recruitment case study

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New interview process requires a different way to recruit

A major manufacturing mobility company recently implemented a new strategy to help fill executive-level positions in the organization. The new human-centered design approach seeks to identify highly creative candidates by focusing on the people involved, what they will get out of the experience and amplifying that. So rather than asking questions about years of experience and education, the interview questions home in on a candidate’s superpower.

The company first worked with an agency that specializes in human-centered design recruitment to fill these new roles, but was challenged to meet time-to-fill goals. In many cases, there wasn’t a job description, role parameters or needed qualifications to source against, since the agency was more focused on hiring for the person rather than a specific job. The process was further complicated by an inconsistent internal recruiting process, and recruiters weren’t always given sufficient feedback on the candidates.

Needing a more streamlined approach to filling these important roles, the company sought to leverage its existing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program with Randstad Sourceright, which has been in place since 2015.

The right recruiter at the right time

Randstad Sourceright adapted its recruiting methods to fit in with the new human-centered design process, The RPO team worked closely with the customer’s internal teams. They regularly met with hiring managers to gain their trust and buy-in, while getting everyone on the same page around compliance and a consistent process.

Working alongside the company’s outside agency, Randstad Sourceright handles the recruiting and prepares candidates for the new human centered-design interview process to fill these executive-level roles.

Having a Randstad Sourceright specialist onsite with the company facilitated a personal connection with hiring managers. The Randstad Sourceright recruiter could be immersed in the business and its needs, provide high-touch candidate interactions and, overall, remain in frequent communication. The team held weekly meetings to discuss what was working, what could be improved and ways to further elevate the candidate experience. Such an approach was instrumental in helping to strengthen the partnership, build trust and ultimately keep everyone involved aligned on helping the company meet its goals.

Meeting time-to-fill goals

The company’s new approach to filling executive positions through a combination of RPO and an agency has proved to be a successful one. With Randstad Sourceright, the team benefits from an RPO partner already experienced in filling positions for the company and with deep expertise in recruiting best practices to help achieve its hiring goals.

By leveraging the RPO program alongside the external agency, the company achieved significant results:

  • 22 executive-level roles have been filled.
  • It saved an average of $640,000, compared to relying on an outside agency alone for full end-to-end support.
  • It shaved off time to fill by 40 days, compared to using only the outside agency.

As the company continues to evolve its hiring strategies and embrace new methods, it has discovered the value of RPO in helping to support those changes and ensure it hires the best talent.

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