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RPO case study: a high-volume hiring project takes off with strategic sourcing.

Airline successfully hires 700 call center and customer service employees within 5 months using recruitment process outsourcing.

project RPO case study strategic sourcing and recruitment

high-volume hiring lifts off

A strong customer service function is critical for any customer-focused business, especially a company that flies tens of millions of passengers to hundreds of destinations each year.

The request was for 700 positions to be filled at its airport locations from Vancouver to Halifax – and to do so within just 5 months. With the time constraints needed to carry out such a large-scale hiring project, however, the airline company recognized the need to partner with recruitment experts for support.

To help deliver on this request, and ensure those roles were filled with high-quality talent and within the requested time frame, the company partnered with Randstad Sourceright. Randstad Sourceright’s recruiting professionals managed the entire project, from sourcing and attraction strategies to delivering hiring confirmations and verbal offers.

taking flight with project RPO

The airliner implemented a project RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) solution, which is geared to support hiring when a company has a high-volume recruitment need within a defined time frame. With a dedicated team of recruiters, recruiting coordinators and a project manager, the company gained access to Randstad Sourceright’s expertise, talent resources and best practices to launch this hiring initiative.

With a service level agreement focused on filling all new employee training classes to 100% of their capacity, strategic sourcing was set in motion to recruit talent from across Canada. Innovative sourcing and recruitment strategies included using talent attraction methods that targeted specific regions in the country, as well as holding more than 60 recruitment events to engage with talent and drive application volume. Overall, the campaign attracted more than 6,500 candidates from across Canada, giving the airline a massive pool of talent from which to select its newest call center and customer service employees.

Crucial to the success of the program was strong communications between the airline company and Randstad Sourceright. Daily calls between the two teams ensured any questions could be answered in real time, plans could be adjusted as necessary and both parties could stay on pace to fill any gaps. Additionally, a management-level steering call took place every two weeks to further ensure a strong relationship with both parties working to achieve common goals.

soaring to new heights of hiring success

With the companies working in lockstep to address this large-scale hiring program, the project RPO ran smoothly and successfully. Having attracted a large base of applicants, the company filled all of its open call center and customer service positions.

The airliner was also able to meet the ambitious timeline restrictions, ensuring that all 22 training classes for call center roles and 22 classes for customer service roles were filled to 100%. This provided the company with the necessary three-week window to obtain access cards and employee numbers for its new staff members.

Given the success of the program, the company has already determined that Randstad Sourceright will be its RPO partner for any future high-volume recruitment projects.

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how does project RPO work and what are the benefits?

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