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Veronica Foong | making work meaningful story.

Veronica Foong, client services manager — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

an opportunity to grow with a global organization

It all started when my friend told me there was an open position at his company. I knew he loved working at Randstad Sourceright, so I had an exploratory discussion with the hiring manager about a position as regional account manager for Randstad Sourceright’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) division. The job sounded interesting and dynamic, and I was inspired by how the hiring manager’s career had progressed within the company.

Veronica Foong making work meaningful Randstad SourcerightSince my first role at Randstad Sourceright, I have grown my career here too. I was promoted to regional account director for RPO and more recently to client services manager for the Asia-Pacific region. Although I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, Randstad Sourceright encourages its employees to strive for opportunities that span borders. I love being able to work with clients and colleagues in different countries and feel part of a global organization.

teamwork to deliver beyond client expectations

As client services manager, I’m responsible for a team and portfolio of clients that includes industries such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductors and computer software. Every day I am motivated to deliver beyond stakeholders’ expectations across the Asia-Pacific region.

My day is made up of a dynamic mix of team meetings and client meetings. On the one side, I focus on stakeholder management, client relationships and operations. On the other side, I focus on people management, such as providing leadership, coaching and support to my teams to ensure they have the resources to perform to the maximum of their abilities.

What I love about working at Randstad Sourceright is the opportunity to develop and grow, without having to change my employer. As an organization with many regional and global clients, our global team mutually shares the satisfaction of successful outcomes. Every day we have our finger on the pulse of our clients — listening to and leveraging deep customer input and feedback to evolve our value propositions and services to meet and exceed our clients' strategic business goals.

fulfillment inside and outside of work

growing with a global organization - Veronica Foong - Randstad SourcerightRandstad Sourceright is also deeply committed to encouraging flexible working arrangements for its employees. I am comforted knowing that I am able to allocate time for my family, especially for my kids, when we need each other. This year, Randstad Sourceright even gave all its employees globally two paid, personal wellness days off work to just relax, take time, reflect and renew. Often, friends tell me they wish they had the same flexibility with their employers.

After work, I like to take my kids to our local playground and go for a walk together in the neighborhood. One of my most recent hobbies is baking. I find that baking eases stress and restlessness, and enhances mindfulness. Although the process of baking may inevitably involve some disappointment, it teaches me to keep trying until I succeed. The feeling of satisfaction from seeing my family and friends enjoy the end product makes it all worth it.

personal tips for enjoying a balanced life

For a healthy work-life balance you have to have a strong support system. Being a working mom with two young children wouldn't be possible without support from family members and friends. Planning your schedule to make time for work and family is key to staying balanced. I make a point to avoid work meetings that clash with my children’s bedtime.

Also, identifying your “battery chargers” makes a big difference to a healthy balance. My kids are my battery chargers (sometimes battery drainers too!). They teach me so much in life. It’s important to have mentors and friends who can give you a boost of positive energy when you need it. Now more than ever it’s important to take a step away from the daily tasks to re-energize. I’m glad to be at a company that encourages me to be my best self, inside and outside of work.

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