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Krisztina Szegedi | making work meaningful stories.

Krisztina Szegedi, office manager — Budapest, Hungary

a vibrant work environment

Krisztina Szegedi career tips Randstad SourcerightWorking in a very vibrant, energetic, productive and happy environment is what makes working at Randstad Sourceright such a unique experience. I have been with Randstad Sourceright for seven years now, and am the manager for the Budapest, Hungary office.

Being an office manager means you have to keep on top of everything that goes on in your office. I am responsible for maintaining a safe work environment, planning events, making travel arrangements, streamlining our onboarding system and so much more. I like to see myself as a helping hand to everyone — one of the reasons why I find my job so enriching.

united in diversity

My work is diverse, and so are my colleagues. Our diversity brings a special atmosphere and creates a climate where people want to learn from each other, not only professionally but culturally as well. A wonderful example of this is the United in Diversity team (UID), which I’m proud to be part of.

The UID team organizes fun social and cultural activities that encompass the various interests of our diverse team — from game nights in the office to Halloween parties to our table tennis competition. I am grateful for being in the position where I can bring people together and help create an even stronger sense of community. To work for a company that honors a diverse community spirit and actively contributes to maintaining a high standard is a very big plus.

working on charity initiatives

Randstad Sourceright making work meaningful Krisztina SzegediI love being able to give something back to the community. Randstad with Heart, our global, corporate social responsibility program, connects us locally to the causes we feel passionate about.

Our latest charity initiative was a daylong activity that was held in several different locations across Budapest. More than 150 employees volunteered to help different organizations. We painted dog kennels for an animal shelter, did gardening for a children's hospital, and cooked food for a homeless shelter and a hospice house. Some of our colleagues chose to give blood, and others picked up trash around the office area as well as in Budapest's Margaret Island.

I think it is amazing how Randstad Sourceright sees the bigger picture and takes its social responsibility seriously. It ties in with another core value: our business must always benefit society as a whole. This is what our Human Forward brand embodies — a trusted human partner in the technology-driven world of talent. To help us deliver on this goal, we defined a set of three Human Forward promises, which guide our behavior: transparency, guidance and proactivity.

family time for all

Krisztina Szegedi making work meaningful story work life balanceBy giving employees the opportunity to work flexible hours, Randstad Sourceright supports a healthy work-life balance. I love to play board games together with my husband and two kids. Our absolute favorite family games are Sequence and the Danish board game Klask. Then there is my love for music, Akua Naru and Erykah Badu, just to name a few. Listening to music gives me so much positive energy. I would call this my daily meditation.

Ultimately, Randstad Sourceright offers me the perfect environment to put all my energy to good use, while at the same time my work energizes me even more. A major win-win situation!

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