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Indraneela Padmini | making work meaningful stories.

Indraneela Padmini, web development and performance marketing specialist, India

a workplace where I can thrive

Indraneela Padmini, Randstad Sourceright, making work meaningfulWhen I walked out of my job interview at Randstad Sourceright, I thought, “Wow! This is the kind of place I’ve always wanted to work, an organization where I can thrive.”

I was so impressed by the company’s flexibility, how the leadership encourages free thinking, and the way the employees are respected and valued for their contributions. When I received the phone call telling me that I’d aced the interview, I started going above and beyond right away to bring my best to work each day. I’ve never looked back.

My role at Randstad Sourceright is a web development and performance marketing specialist, and I’m based in India. As part of the Customer Acceleration team, I am the face of all marketing and social media activities in RPO and MSP recruitment. My job involves defining our audiences (clients and clients’ partners across EMEA, APAC and NAM), understanding their hiring goals, developing media plans and marketing strategies, delivering successful, cost efficient campaigns and measuring performance across advertising channels.

sometimes it’s not about winning; it’s about learning

Indraneela Padmini, Randstad Sourceright, making work meaningfulRandstad Sourceright gives me the opportunity to experiment and the freedom to try new things in marketing. One aspect of my job involves talking to stakeholders, media teams, client partners, web developers and data scientists. I’ve learned the most important thing I can do is make these conversations meaningful. I want each team member to feel their contributions are valued. After all, people might not remember who you are, but they will remember how you treated them.

Although I may not directly be in leadership, I love having influence on several teams to accomplish a project. I’ve learned to carefully listen to my clients, be curious, ask questions, align their business goals to my goals, advertise jobs and place candidates. I feel like a job wizard!

staying organized keeps work fun

Indraneela Padmini, Randstad Sourceright, making work meaningfulEach day I begin by checking my calendar and planning my entire day. Laying out my days, weeks and months helps me keep my brain clear. I have taken some courses through Randstad University on prioritizing tasks and have implemented them at work. I have watched my performance significantly improve from quarter to quarter.

Planning gives me the bandwidth to be flexible — and it gives me peace of mind! I like to block 15 minutes at midday to evaluate the progress I’ve made, and then accelerate or slow down depending on tasks and priorities for the rest of the day.

opportunities beyond work

Indraneela Padmini, Randstad Sourceright, making work meaningfulI feel balance is very important to the workplace. Because I plan my priorities, I always have time for my hobbies. I love to paint, make pottery, cook and sometimes take adventure trips. I recently learned to surf — it’s been phenomenal! I have been part of Randstad’s Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) program for two years now. I love the corporate social responsibility activities that Randstad Sourceright hosts across the globe. This has given me the privilege to mentor youth from East Africa to navigate through their career and do work they love to do. What an amazing two-way learning process. It has shown me that real happiness comes from sharing your knowledge and experiences with people.

For people who want to make time, there's always time. For a satisfying work-life, I recommend you allow for some quiet time each day, away from everything that’s going around you. Maybe try journaling, quieting your mind and putting your thoughts together, just going for a walk or talking with your friends.

Each day when I log in, I look forward to connecting with the people I work with — they all are all my friends. I love my job. I never get exhausted. I watch out for burnout and take time off when I need it to bounce back again!

If you’d like a job that you look forward to every day, explore opportunities at Randstad Sourceright.