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what work site safety measures has Randstad Sourceright implemented as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

In line with the global COVID-19 pandemic beginning in February 2020, Randstad and Randstad Sourceright migrated to a fully virtual working environment around the world all within the span of a few days.

putting safety and well-being first

Across our locations, we are following local country legislation and operating company guidance, so many of our offices remain closed for the time being to protect our staff. Our overall values of flexibility and well-being, however, remain the same. Randstad Sourceright has worked hard to ensure our offices are open to support exceptional cases of our employees’ well-being.

When there is a genuine need for an employee to go into an office — whether an employee reports in confidence that they are in an unhealthy relationship at home, or there is a health and safety concern that we cannot support by providing equipment — we are ensuring our office spaces are safe for those who need them.

While employees were adjusting to working from home, we immediately began to implement safety precautions in our offices. For example, our offices are now equipped with:

  • one-directional pathways indicated by arrows on the floor
  • social distancing markers
  • hand sanitizers throughout the facilities
  • disinfectant wash to wipe surfaces
  • diagonal seating arrangements
  • transparent barriers between desks

focus on total well-being

Ultimately, our focus is our employees’ total well-being. Not just work well-being. At Randstad Sourceright, we have conducted voluntary employee surveys on sleeping, eating and work-life balance habits, for example, so we know how to support our employees to become healthier people overall.

While the majority of our employees have been working virtually, we are also promoting well-being and a healthy work-life balance throughout our organization. Until our offices are fully open and freely accessible for all employees, we have:

  • built a global “Fit at Work” well-being resource center that addresses and provides support on mental, physical, social and financial health topics
  • provided our managers with tools on how to have supportive conversations with their direct reports who may be very emotional during this time
  • encouraged walking meetings and other ways to incorporate exercise into the day
  • certified mental health first-aid volunteers in the U.K., including all Human Resources business partners, and are currently working to expand this into further regions

Never before have we seen such an immediate global prioritization on health and wellbeing. Randstad Sourceright is proud to be at the forefront of ensuring the safety of our employees at home and in our offices.

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