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Alp Perahya, executive vice president, integrated MSP

a great place to grow a career

Alp Perahya Randstad SourcerightIt says a lot about a company when you regularly meet employees who have been working there for decades. I’ve grown my career at Randstad and Randstad Sourceright over the last two decades — and counting!

After finishing grad school, I needed a job and came to Randstad in hopes they would place me at one of their clients. Instead, they offered me an internal job. I soon realized this was the company for me. And here I am 21 years later, the executive vice president of Integrated MSP (RCS) at Randstad Sourceright.

it’s all about the people

At Randstad Sourceright, I am responsible for running the U.S. integrated managed service provider (MSP) division of Randstad Sourceright. This includes the go-to-market strategy and vision, client portfolios and delivery, as well as delivery standards. I’m also responsible for ensuring growth targets and financial key performance indicators (KPIs) are met. Continuous improvement and innovation are built into my job role, and most of my day is dedicated to being in front of people, whether it’s with our clients or my teams.

Alp Perahya Randstad Sourceright

What I love most about working at Randstad Sourceright are the people and having the autonomy to make decisions that impact people’s lives, livelihoods and companies. In 2020, for instance, we helped two clients who are playing a major part in the COVID-19 relief efforts by finding niche talent and getting creative on acquisition and pricing strategies to get them talent quickly.

Randstad Sourceright prioritizes the well-being of its employees and supports managers and teams in achieving a healthy work-life balance. During the pandemic, few companies have gone as above and beyond for their people as Randstad Sourceright. We’ve offered yoga and fitness classes, learning sessions and resources on mental health, family health and work-life balance.

As a manager, it’s especially important now more than ever to be supportive, motivating and empathetic with your team. Understand what drives them, but also be alert to any professional or personal challenges they may be going through. It’s important to empower your teams to think outside the box. Define the framework but give them freedom to experiment within that framework and not be afraid to make small mistakes.

making work-life balance a priority 

Alp Perahya and CleoIn order to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it’s important to have a schedule and the discipline to stick to it. I try to go for a walk before or after work and take 10 to 15 minutes to myself a few times throughout the day to clear my head, step away from the computer, listen to music or meditate. I also try to disconnect from work on weekends and use those days to recharge.

Outside of work, music is my biggest hobby. I love listening to pop, jazz, electro and ethnic. I also enjoy working out, swimming and especially skiing. I live in Boston and love to run with my dog, Cleo, a rescue greyhound — although it’s hard to keep up with her!

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