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The Global Recruiter: RPO — stacked for success.

The success of your recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can depend upon its underlying technology stack. Your RPO partner should be able to bring robust technologies to the relationship — including talent analytics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Talent analytics can help you assess supply and demand of skilled workers, find employees in target markets, measure time to fill, investigate salary benchmarks, inform your diversity and inclusion goals, and more. When combined with real-time data visualization dashboards, these analytics allow you to follow the entire recruitment process for each and every candidate.

With talent analytics in place, the next step is to integrate automation and AI tools like programmatic job advertising, chatbots, on-demand video interviews and virtual onboarding.

“These technologies can automate critical yet time-consuming tasks so that human recruiters can focus more on building relationships with both talent and hiring managers,”explains David Vincent, managing director, UK & Ireland, Randstad Sourceright.

Automation and AI can also be used for “elegant rejections” with the offer of an automated skills assessment, nurturing of silver and bronze medal candidates, and integrating your internal talent pool into your recruitment mix.

“Your RPO partner should also be able to offer technologies that assist with offboarding, such as career transition services and outskilling course platforms that provide end-to-end solutions,” states Vincent. “This not only helps protect your employer brand, but also contributes to a sustainable global workforce overall.”

Read Vincent’s article in The Global Recruiter for more insights on setting up your RPO program for success. You can also download the RPO Playbook to learn more about meeting your talent acquisition goals using different RPO solutions.