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RPO case study: global healthcare company attracts niche tech professionals with talent marketing recruitment strategy.

Interactive event boosts awareness with in-demand talent, drives local and global impact

Interactive event boosts awareness with in-demand talent, drives local and global impact

a global healthcare and life sciences company

While driving rapid growth in India, the company faced a highly competitive talent market, lack of visibility into the talent pool and declined offers due to candidates’ unfamiliarity with its brand.

The company implemented a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program with market intelligence research and a robust talent marketing campaign to cultivate a talent pool for highly specialized technical roles.

key results
With an open house, the company drew 100 in-person and 1,500+ online attendees, built a database of more than 500 qualified candidates, and met the event goal of attracting potential employees into the interview pipeline, resulting in a hiring turnaround time of 45 days.

expansive growth in a competitive talent market

In the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, this healthcare and life sciences company opened a cutting-edge IT development center to expand its life-enhancing innovations. With the opening, the company launched a new division, established a new bioinformatics/omics R&D function and relocated roles from Europe to India. To fuel its growth, hiring niche talent to fill specialized technical roles was a critical imperative.

Yet talent scarcity posed significant challenges. Despite a distinguished history in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, the company’s decades-long presence in India was relatively new. Prospective candidates were unfamiliar with the brand, declining offers as they opted to work for competitors. Candidate sourcing was also challenging due to a lack of visibility into the talent landscape, particularly as the company recruited bioinformatics professionals in India for the first time.

Boosting awareness with potential candidates was essential. The company — renowned for its breakthrough pharmaceuticals and boundary-pushing scientific research — has a powerful story to tell. Equally compelling, its employee value proposition (EVP) includes competitive compensation, a balanced work culture, a diverse workforce and a meaningful, purpose-driven employee experience. To convey the company’s rich history and substantial EVP, a high-impact talent strategy was a must.

an engaging, interactive recruitment strategy

At the tech center, a recruitment open house created opportunities to cultivate a talent pool, identify hard-to-fill skills and raise much-needed awareness. To get the external talent acquisition expertise it needed, the company chose to work with Randstad SourceRight and implemented a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution. Having partnered with the talent leader on numerous RPOs in other markets, it was comfortable relying on the provider to drive strategy while managing planning and logistics, talent marketing, candidate outreach and agency partnerships in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

The engaging, interactive “open house for techies,” held both onsite and online, gave potential candidates the opportunity to learn about the company’s culture, values, technology and impact. By networking with IT experts and meeting employees, they learned what people love about their work and what it means to be part of the team firsthand. Notably, the event had a local and global impact: While strengthening the company’s presence in Bangalore’s technology landscape, it emphasized its global influence on industries from healthcare to electronics and automobiles.

To build excitement, the RPO team developed compelling event marketing and multichannel communication tailored to the target audience. With inspiring branding and messaging, including an event name, logo and visual identity, the company showcased its EVP, innovations and powerful role in healthcare technology integration, with Bangalore leading the way.

market intelligence optimizes candidate sourcing

Candidate outreach and sourcing were critical components of the RPO. Randstad Sourceright's talent advisory practice was pivotal in identifying the segmented target audience. By conducting a comprehensive market intelligence study, the advisory practice delivered talent analytics to help the team better understand the specialized tech roles it needed to fill.

Armed with insights, the RPO delved into the company’s internal talent pool and alumni database to identify talent, uncovering a wealth of individuals proficient in these sought-after skills. In addition to meeting immediate needs, the comprehensive analysis revealed potential hiring process improvements, emerging skills and market trends that would bolster the company’s leadership.

Specialists actively sourced and screened candidates through employee referrals, alumni networks, LinkedIn, Twitter and external databases. This rigorous sourcing effort was maintained for weeks with a structured tracking system, ensuring a steady flow of suitable candidates into the talent funnel. Leveraging online and offline platforms such as social media and email campaigns helped attract candidates and reinforce the company’s positioning as a leading player in the tech-healthcare domain. On the event day, the RPO provided essential on-site support, efficiently managing candidate logistics.

With data-driven insights and a forward-looking approach, the company continuously refines recruitment strategies, taps into emerging skill trends and harnesses the evolving potential of internal talent to ensure it’s poised to meet the future talent demands. Its commitment to integrating high-value talent acquisition services, supported by recruiters with deep subject matter expertise, is instrumental in streamlining strategic alignment of recruitment processes and improving hiring outcomes to achieve the organization's overarching goals.

a fresh approach drives positive outcomes

A comprehensive recruitment strategy helped the company meet its hiring goals in a competitive market. The engaging recruitment event attracted more than 100 in-person and 1,500 online attendees and helped the employer build a database of more than 500 candidates. New hires were onboarded with an average 45-day time to hire.

Building awareness and excitement, the event gave attendees a better understanding of the company’s extraordinary innovations, tech ecosystem in Bangalore and impressive EVP, showcasing that its workforce comprises curious minds from a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. Positioning the IT development center as a hub of innovation underscored the company’s role in shaping the promising future of uniting healthcare and technology, particularly in Bangalore.

The RPO highlighted the effectiveness of open house events and data-driven hiring strategies. As market intelligence shed light on the company’s rich internal talent pool, it showcased its capacity to bridge skill gaps and foster growth and innovation by leveraging in-house capabilities to meet demand for high-demand skills much faster.

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