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The Globe & Mail: leaders should inspire purpose to limit burnout.

Remote and hybrid working arrangements have become universal around the world, and employees expect to retain the flexible work arrangements they experienced during the pandemic. While companies are spending many hours optimizing scheduling arrangements, they could be losing sight of the workplace itself.

“As more companies embrace a permanent hybrid workforce, they must reimagine the workplace to reinforce purpose and mission, and to limit burnout,” advises Veronica Frisch, EVP and head of Randstad Sourceright in Canada. “Fostering a culture that creates passion and common goals” can improve performance regardless of where employees sit.

There are numerous technologies to keep employees engaged, as well as encourage creativity and collaboration. These same tools can also enable authentic and transparent communication from leadership. “When leaders ensure team members understand and believe in the company’s missions and goals, as well as how they individually contribute at a team level, they help them see the purpose of their work,” explains Frisch. 

The new hybrid workforce — and workplace — provides an opportunity to foster diversity, accountability and creativity. Done right, all employees can have the chance to shape the future of their company and their careers.

Read more about this trend in the Globe and Mail and be sure to download Randstad Sourceright’s 2022 Talent Trends Report for additional insights.