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PharmaExec: purpose is the pharma industry’s secret advantage

The world watched as the pharma industry pivoted to combat COVID in real time. Their accomplishments were remarkable as drug development and distribution ramped up seemingly overnight. 

How was this achieved in an industry notorious for talent shortages? Alp Perahya, president, integrated managed services and total talent programs for Randstad Sourceright, shares insights.

“The appeal of working in the drug-making business has always been its purpose: to save and improve lives. This was made even more clear during the pandemic,” he writes. “Feeling purposeful at work has been a top priority for job seekers … as the pandemic gave them more clarity about their goals.”

Perahya recommends that pharma companies message to prospective candidates about purpose, as well as flexibility. “People are looking to employers to help them achieve the balance they seek,” he notes. But, clearly, this isn’t the only advantage that the industry can offer.

Read more in PharmExec, where Perahya explains how to leverage contingent labor; upskilling programs; and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to beat talent scarcity. Then be sure to follow him and other pharma talent thought leaders on Randstand Sourceright’s life sciences and pharma insights stream. 

about the author

Alp Perahya is president, integrated managed services programs (MSP) for mid-sized companies, globally. With best-in-class fulfillment and supply chain practices, configurable VMS technologies and Randstad Sourceright’s own proprietary analytics platform, Perahya and the integrated MSP team deliver the talent and meaningful business intelligence clients need to achieve sustainable long-term growth and cost savings. With a career spanning more than 18 years at Randstad, Perahya’s responsibilities have included strategic visioning, field leadership, client delivery, and product integrity and execution.

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