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Scott Capell, senior manager — Operations and head of Sourcing

a workday with Scott

As senior manager of Operations and head of Sourcing, I am responsible for managing day-to-day operations for the total talent sourcing function. In this role, I ensure delivery and a consultative, data-driven advisory service from the Randstad Sourceright teams in Budapest and Birmingham, United Kingdom. I love that, even though I’m based in Birmingham, I feel very connected to my colleagues all around the world. I can always rely on them for help or collaboration.

Scott Capell Randstad Sourceright work-life balanceI’m not sure there is a “typical” workday, which is one of the key things I like about my role. In one call, I may be strategizing how we develop tech solutions and, in the next, I’m having a team huddle. It is the variety, the opportunity and the ability to challenge, learn and grow each day that make my workday complete.

ensuring agile leadership

In order to ensure agile leadership, recognize what style is appropriate and for when. For example, if it’s a process enhancement conversation I will take a very democratic approach, allowing the team to have a voice and including them in the decision-making. Alternatively, a more affiliative style is appropriate for a virtual one-to-one coupled with a coaching style to ensure employees are still developing their skill sets and experience.

At Randstad Sourceright you are actively encouraged to develop yourself, your skills and experiences. In addition, a big focus that I personally relish in is seeing the professional development and growth of individuals within my team, nurturing them and providing them with new experiences and skills everyday.

Ultimately, what I love most is that the business recognizes that change and agility are good and there is an incredible hunger to constantly evolve.

prioritizing is key to well-being

If something is required of me, I need to effectively manage my time and manage expectations on delivery. Prioritization is key, and I find this ethos a huge help in having that healthy work-life balance and allowing time for personal activities.

Before taking on this mindset, I often started work early and then worked late into the evening, keen to tie everything up and also to over-deliver. I’ve learned this isn’t the recipe for a healthy work-life balance. I now switch my laptop off at the end of the day and remind myself that the world isn’t going to end if I don’t complete all tasks on a particular day, especially when juggling several plates, as long as I’ve effectively managed expectations accordingly.

Scott Capell work-life balance prioritization Randstad Sourceright

At Randstad Sourceright, everyday flexibility is encouraged, autonomy and trust are paramount, and a supportive well-being culture across the business definitely helps me achieve a healthy work-life balance.

diary management and the power of conversation

Diary management is key to staying well! Ensure you have time reserved for downtime and defined coffee and lunch breaks. Schedule a time for personal activities before or after work and stick to it; if you have decided to go for a run after work at 5:30 p.m., then go! Do not procrastinate till then to send those final emails!

Another essential and powerful key to staying well is conversation. Talk to colleagues, to friends, to family. A problem shared is a problem halved! 

Finally you should not underestimate the importance of finding something you enjoy or that serves as a nice distraction. I really enjoy history, especially anything Tudor/Victorian or Egyptian, so I love to visit castles or country homes on the weekend. I’m also enjoying long walks with the new addition to my family: a little PugZu puppy named DiDi.


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