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Lorna Elias | making work meaningful story.

Lorna Elias, senior manager — director of professional services

why I like working at Randstad Sourceright

Lorna Elias Randstad Sourceright making work meaningfulFreedom in a framework — that is what’s so special about working at Randstad Sourceright. Everybody has a voice and a seat at the table. There is no hierarchy in projects, and I like the approach of leadership where we are interested in our team’s ideas. Our mission and strategic direction play very well to my rather competitive spirit!

a workday with Lorna

I’m a member of the EMEA leadership team for Randstad Sourceright. I manage a team of 40 people in three pillars: project management, technology and supply chain. My team is responsible for implementing new managed services programs (MSP), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and statement of work (SOW) management projects in EMEA. We also work on global projects where EMEA is in scope, and we support existing clients with their projects. I am closely aligned with the sales function to ensure implementation and delivery of our services.

I have around 10 to 12 video meetings a day — including client meetings for ongoing projects and professional services management — where we focus on resources, capacity planning and top priorities. I also attend EMEA leadership meetings to ensure we are keeping our overall strategic objectives in focus. On top of these daily duties, I mentor colleagues and work with my global counterparts to align our ways of working. I regularly lead “Great Conversations,” which is a type of career development conversation held with colleagues throughout the year.

Lorna Elias Randstad Sourcerighthow I ensure agile leadership

I continue to reiterate that the lines of communication are always open. I make sure that each member of the team knows that they are in control of their agenda and time. I openly discuss challenges in regard to capacity and planning. The team knows that if they have to take time off for personal reasons, they will always have my support. We pull together to ensure that the work gets done. To me, that is what teamwork is all about.

My job is diverse: I teach, I learn, I do meaningful work for our clients and stakeholders, both internal and external. I have an amazing team that is diverse and inclusive. Ultimately, client feedback is critical to our success, and I regularly challenge the team to enhance and improve the ways in which we work.

my healthy work-life balance

I am a great believer in “healthy body, healthy mind.” I get up early to practice yoga and I do rebounder (trampoline) workouts. I play golf at least once every weekend, if the weather allows. I live in Zandvoort, a Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam, where I can go for nice walks on the beach. I manage my schedule to make sure I have some downtime. This means staying on top of things and keeping my calendar organized. Furthermore, I can really recommend the benefits of learning something new — a new sport, foreign language, work skill — something that has a purpose but puts no pressure on you.

Lorna Elias Randstad Sourceright career tipsRandstad Sourceright supports me in maintaining a healthy work-life balance by being very clear on the boundaries of flexible working:  freedom in a framework. I know what my responsibilities are and ensure that they are delivered. I am very protective of my team and do my utmost to practice what I preach.

socializing and being grateful for what I have

I try to focus on what I have, not what I am missing. I feel it is so important to spend time with people who make you laugh. I cannot wait to socialize with friends again as I love to eat out, and I have friends and family in many places, including Spain and Scotland — places I consider to be my second homes, so I am waiting patiently to be able to travel again!

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