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Kashyap Bharathy | making work meaningful story

Kashyap Bharathy — head of MSP, India

working with people who care

Kashyap Bharathy Randstad Sourceright making work meaningfulBefore I started working at Randstad Sourceright, I had heard  stories about the company and its commitment to creating a great work culture and helping people grow, both professionally and personally. What could be better than working with people who care? After I joined the team, I am happy to say that Randstad Sourceright did not disappoint. Last October marked my two-year anniversary, and I’m planning for many more to come.

a constant learning opportunity

As head of MSP India, I ensure we deliver as a team on all MSP accounts across India. I am based in Bangalore. Typically my day starts around 8.30 a.m., and I begin by clearing pending action items and planning out my day. Every day has its own dynamic flow between customer calls and team catch-ups. There is always a surprise around the corner. The moment I start thinking that I have learned all there is to know about MSP, a new challenge comes up and makes me go right back to the drawing board. This is exactly what I like most about my job: the learning opportunities it brings. I love the way the team comes together in solving a customer issue and how everyone here is committed to ensuring the customer wins. 

knowing how to adapt

Randstad Sourceright understands the need to adapt to changing times. Leaders are supportive of flexible hours, work locations and schedule changes as needed. As a leader, I see myself as more of a coach than director. I make sure to reach out to each member of the team individually. My regular one-on-ones give me the opportunity to really listen to my team members and learn what’s going well and where they could use support. Equally important, we hold town halls to provide updates to the team on the progress we are making together as an organization.

making time for fun

career tips Randstad Sourceright kashyap Bharathy

To keep a healthy work life-balance, I think it’s essential to have a set time when you end your work for the day, and then adhere to it. In my leisure time I love to ride motorcycles, especially super sport bikes. On the weekends I like to ride together with my wife on our tandem cycle. It’s a little bit slower than my Kawasaki Ninja Zx10r, but enjoy riding together is just as much fun.

Another important part of my life is giving back to the community. During the lockdown in my region, we helped support 30 underprivileged families with basic essentials. I am also an animal rescue volunteer, which is how I ended up with my two lovely beagles, a loyal German Shepherd and a cute indie!


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