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ikigai — work and meaning in a post-pandemic world.

As we move through the COVID-19 crisis, we will all experience what’s known as the 'change curve' in different ways. 

One consistent theme emerging, however, is that, for many people, this crisis has raised fundamental human questions around what is important, including:

  • What is family and what is work?
  • Where is the distinction or balance between these two areas?
  • What is my purpose and that of the organization I work for?
  • Do I feel a sense of belonging and value through my workplace?

Laura Todd Randstad Sourceright“If organizations address questions like these, they will make a huge impact on how they come out of the crisis, how they move forward and how their company culture is prepared for long-term success,” says Laura Todd, director of Inclusion and Well-being at Randstad Sourceright EMEA. “At Randstad Sourceright, we recognize that people want more meaning and fulfillment in their roles, how their teams interact and the values a company’s actions demonstrate.”

The concept of ikigai comes to mind now more than ever. It is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “reason for being.” Ikigai is about finding joy, fulfillment, your life's purpose and balance in the daily routine of life.

At Randstad Sourceright, we encourage employees to live values such as these on a daily basis inside and outside of work. For instance, our global Randstad with Heart initiative connects our employees to the causes they feel passionate about, enabling them to dedicate eight hours of volunteering time to support a charity or cause of their choice.

Some other Randstad Sourceright Human Forward, well-being, and purpose-fostering activities include:

  • well-being surveys across the business that directly ask our people what additional support, activities or assistance programs they need
  • a well-being knowledge hub that takes a holistic approach to mental, financial, physical and social well-being
  • leadership commitment to resilient business principles and embedding these across our culture and ways of working
  • career talks motivational podcast series
  • upskilling, training and development courses via Randstad University
  • advancing careers channels on our intranet
  • expert speaker sessions on topics such as resilience, stress, bereavement, financial well-being and more
  • peer forums on topics such as working and parenting at home whilst in lockdown
  • well-being champions and mental health first aiders
  • employee assistance programs

Additionally, Randstad Sourceright’s leadership recognizes the hard work and challenges our teams have faced and recently granted all employees across the globe a well-being day-off to recharge.

It’s all too easy to fall victim to siloed thinking and that our job, family, passions, and desires are all separate and unrelated aspects of our lives. Ikigai teaches that everything is connected.

Want to find your purpose at a company that makes work meaningful? Randstad Sourceright is hiring. Apply today.