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Dean Silvestri, creative director, Randstad RiseSmart

Dean Silvestri, creative director, Randstad Enterprisewhen opportunity knocks

Most of us probably know the feeling well: after five years at my last job (Art Director for a marketing technology company), I was ready for my next move. I reached out to my network and reconnected with a previous design client of mine from a time when I was self-employed. She was building a new team at a fast growing start-up called Randstad RiseSmart.

What especially attracted me to apply was the opportunity to build a brand and really help shape the direction of the company. I saw then, and still see now, that everyone has a part or, in many cases, multiple parts to play in making that happen. I felt the exhilarating energy when I walked in the door — back in the days when remote work wasn’t the norm! I’ve now been proudly working at Randstad RiseSmart for eight years and counting, where I’m the creative director.

creating starts with coffee

Dean Silvestri in a beige floral printed shirt smiles at the camera while holding a drinkAs creative director, my team and I created the following charter to define our roles:

  • support the global marketing team and the larger enterprise organization
  • complement content to help tell great stories
  • advocate for stellar design and experiences across all media and channels
  • activate teams to self-serve through templates, tools and guidelines
  • ensure brand consistency while pushing boundaries strategically
  • make things work; make work fun

My typical work day always starts off with coffee. Only then will I feel awake enough to scan emails and check our project management tool for updates. After another few coffees and meetings with my colleagues around the world, the creating begins. I especially love our brainstorm sessions, design critiques, and collaborating with creative and smart people across the organization.

Throughout my career at Randstad RiseSmart, I have felt connected and involved in the growth of the company from the early start-up days to now being part of an enterprise-level organization. That journey and the challenges that came with it have shaped me. I, too, feel I’ve grown professionally right alongside the organization.

pursuing passions and projects

Dean Silvestri and one of his children take a selfie, standing in front of a table covered with various candlesOutside of work, I still love to make things and always have a project or ten going. I’m a builder, crafter, artist and gardener. My list right now includes building an outdoor kitchen cart out of recycled material, rebuilding a deck and planting crops in our vegetable garden. I’m also a proud dad of two awesome kids.

Luckily, Randstad RiseSmart offers flexibility and understanding, and my team is amazingly supportive so, overall, I think I manage my work-life balance pretty well here. And if worse comes to worst, if I ever forget to shut off for the day, my wife and kids will not so politely remind me it’s time to close shop!

Ready to get your creative juices flowing in a work environment that also lets you pursue your outside passions? Check out our open positions at Randstad RiseSmart.

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