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Claudia Williams, bids manager, Australia and New Zealand

a boomerang and rising star

Claudia Williams, bids manager, Randstad SourcerightAs a bids manager for Randstad Sourceright in Australia and New Zealand, this is my second time working with Randstad. As a member of the team, my goal is to always deliver effective, personable and consistent outcomes, with a strong commitment to clients’ and candidates’ needs.

I have worked in the talent industry for more than 15 years across a variety of sectors. I’ve spent the majority of my career as a talent leader and coach, working with virtual and on-site teams. As a leader, I’ve fostered early careers professionals and had the pleasure of being a mentor on many occasions.

My key activities as bids manager include planning, evaluating and executing professional tender submissions; creating content; establishing and maintaining relationships with relevant stakeholders; acting as a point of contact for all tender related matters; proofreading and editing content provided by key stakeholders; and maintaining master data for all tender submissions. I work on a range of side projects and continuous improvement initiatives as well.

In my previous role as a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) account manager for Randstad Sourceright, I worked onsite to build, develop and deliver RPO talent solutions. Critical to success was developing relationships, and supporting the strategic and operational planning and execution of recruitment activities. We focused on ensuring the best talent was being brought into the business and that candidates were treated exceptionally well throughout the experience.

staying curious; learning and growing

Claudia Williams, Randstad Sourceright career tipsWorking with Randstad across experiences, geographic locations and business units has allowed me to grow strategically, professionally and personally. What I love about working here is the organization’s strong focus on learning, development and growth. It’s a part of our culture of making work meaningful. I truly believe this has been the case both times I’ve worked with Randstad, and I am very proud to be part of a values- and purpose-led company.

Constantly learning in a range of sectors, sharing newfound subject matter expert capabilities, providing guidance to others and seeing the overall results in a holistic way makes me feel a deep gratitude for my experiences.

I also get the opportunity to work on additional projects that enable development, purpose, belonging and inclusivity for our internal and external communities. Currently, I am proud to serve as APAC learning and development ambassador, and as an active member for our diversity, equity and inclusion, and climate change councils.

flexible and resilient working

Being agile and flexible shouldn’t be a reactive response to unpredictable events, but rather a standard way of working. Having led geographically dispersed teams before the pandemic, I know the value of Randstad’s agile and remote approach to work. We’ve tested and implemented the best technologies, tools and resources to be effective in today’s new ways of working.

Throughout my career, resilient ways of working and resilient leadership have become the norm. Being able to pivot with comfort requires a different mindset, one of systems and networks and working toward common goals with a values-led approach.

Claudia Williams Randstad Sourceright making work meaningfulRegularly reviewing, evolving and adapting work styles and operating rhythms is key to a productive workplace. Having a deep sense and understanding of your people, and how to lead and coach them effectively is vitally important. It’s important to develop an operating rhythm that's relevant for the team and for each individual to retain engagement, motivation and a safe place for well being.

This is how, at Randstad Sourceright, we remained agile, flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing circumstances of the last few years.

being a transformational leader

As a leader I believe it's my responsibility to be transformational — to encourage, inspire and motivate employees to innovate and create change by setting the right example. This provides for a strong sense of culture, ownership and independence in the workplace.

Our team enjoys a solution-led environment that encourages each member of the team to be creative and challenge the status quo. Following this principle helps create an environment where everyone can feel safe and valued enough to establish boundaries, use their voice, accept praise, and believe in themselves.

Want to work at an organization that focuses on your learning and development? Explore careers at Randstad Sourceright.