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Andy Teng, director of Global Content Development

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Andy Teng Randstad Sourceright sits next to a yellow and white sculpture on a benchAs a creator of content supporting Randstad Sourceright and our corporate parent, I have the opportunity to take deep dives on topics that impact people and organizations every day and over time. During my tenure, I have realized just how important company culture is to job satisfaction.

I have been with Randstad for eight years, and I can say culturally our company is the most people-focused that I have worked for. Much of the credit goes to leadership, but I also attribute this to the structure of our organization and the people themselves. We regularly survey the workforce on stress, career goals, workload and other things important to each of us. And in speaking with colleagues ranging from recent grads to executive leadership, I sense an authentic interest in each other’s well-being and progress.

people-focused values

Working in a culture that is authentic, nurturing and responsive, in my view, is more motivating than a high salary. Furthermore, I believe our Dutch heritage places an emphasis on work-life balance. During the pandemic, leadership strived to ensure we all are not overly stressed and overworked. To me, that’s a hallmark of a good organization.

Andy Teng with his daughter during a hikeBecause I have been a remote employee for eight years, the workforce’s transition to work-from-home has not resulted in significant personal changes. But it is nice to virtually enter the homes of colleagues who have become remote. In this way, it’s comforting to know we share similar experiences, sometimes balancing family duties and distractions at home with our need to remain productive and engaged.

The events of the past year and a half have brought about some changes in habits. I’ve given up the gym for more outdoors, seemingly safer activities such as hiking and running. I’m connecting more closely with my circle of friends and family to maintain social skills and a feeling of community. I’m watching more YouTube travel videos for when we can eventually go abroad. These aren’t monumental changes, but they take me back to a time before COVID upended all of our lives.

Andy Teng with his daughter at Niagra FallsThey also remind me that quality of life and work-life balance matter more than other career considerations. I’d like to believe this is true for most of us. Happiness and career satisfaction comes from more than compensation.

A feeling of accomplishment and connectedness is more rewarding than anything else, I believe. When you work in an environment that emphasizes these values, along with recognition for work well done, it gives your professional life meaning and great satisfaction. And this is what we strive to achieve at Randstad Sourceright, where Human Forward is more than a catchphrase; it’s our way of working.

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Andy Teng is the Director of Global Content Development, supporting Randstad Sourceright's global content marketing efforts.

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