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Alberto Sanjaya, digital design specialist

being a creative in an engineer’s body

Alberto Sanjaya Randstad Sourceright Human Forward

When I was still studying, a Business Insider article really inspired me: “Airbnb’s top product guy has a PhD in bioengineering – now he’s making travel dreams come true.” The person featured in the article said he’d always felt like a creative trapped in an engineer’s body. To me, this was and still is 110% relatable.

Coming from Indonesia and now living in Amsterdam, I started working for Randstad Sourceright almost five years ago as the digital internal communications officer. I transitioned to being a digital marketing specialist and am now the digital design specialist for the Customer Acceleration Team. Although the positions are not inherently related to my electrical engineering degree, I am able to bring my knowledge of user interface and user experience (UI/UX) to make a difference for Randstad Sourceright’s creative design elements field. I love how my work lets me stretch my creative self, and I truly find joy in working with the people at Randstad Sourceright.

a workday with Alberto

My day starts by logging in to our next-level intranet platform to catch up on company news — while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. After that, I turn on some background music (I especially love rock and classical music!), check my inbox, and I’m ready to rock and roll!

I am responsible for executing and elevating our Human Forward brand, transforming key brand materials and embedding the brand design in the business. I enhance conversion optimization through innovation in digital design using interactive design platforms. This translates to help ensure our clients, prospects, partners and the greater HR services community to find the right information on our website or, for example, have a clear picture of our offerings in presentations. I see everyday how design has a massive potential to make a difference.

achieving healthy work-life balance

Alberto Sanjaya work-life balance Randstad SourcerightI am grateful to have found an employer that understands how important a healthy work-life balance is. I have a team of inspiring and Human Forward managers to thank for this. Beginning with my interview process, I was pleasantly surprised: “Oh, this is different from what I expected from corporate.” Randstad Sourceright commits to its people and their number one employee priority is to ensure flexibility and well-being at work.

To maintain a good work-life balance, I pay attention to healthy eating and nutrition habits. This impacts how I react and keeps my mind at peace. And, it allows me time for some of my hobbies, like researching UI/UX design portfolios for inspiration, or taking and editing photos.

the key to staying well

It’s important to not let others tell you how your work-life balance should be. It’s not about “x amount of time spent at work and y amount of time spent for other things.” To me it’s about liking what I do and how my life is going. Part of staying mentally healthy is accepting my feelings and embracing the truth. Instead of denying what is, I welcome my truths with open arms; then I can move on. Having that mindset has helped me a lot.

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