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InVivo: recruitment trends and the changing C-suite.

There are changes underway in the life sciences and pharma sector, with many companies reassessing their businesses to refocus on priorities that were set aside when the pandemic first appeared. It was all hands on deck to create COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, while other initiatives stalled. 

The environment also invited resignations over the past two years, as top talent had their choice of opportunities. Many still do; especially those with experience in quickly re-emerging areas such as oncology, neurology, immunology, big data and data science. 

A recent Talent Trends survey by Randstad Sourceright found that talent scarcity is a major pain point for 33% of C-Suite leaders in the life sciences and pharma sector. 

Diversity in leadership, and particularly in the C-suite, also remains a challenge in the industry. As companies continue to grow and evolve, however, more entry points are being created for women and people of color to advance to leadership positions. 

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