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HR Director: 2021's top talent trends highlight importance of an agile workforce.

What is on the minds of C-suite and HR leaders around the globe? Where do their priorities lie? And how will the challenges of 2021 compare to the unexpected disruption of COVID-19 last year?

Innovative and agile solutions to talent needs are at the core of current and emerging trends. Human capital leaders want to focus on hiring for skills, rather than jobs. This will support a quick response to workforce needs, as well as solve for a growing skills gap. Companies have also realized the continuing and lasting significance of employee well-being.

Randstad’s New Zealand country director, Katherine Swan, agrees that well-being is becoming increasingly important for employees in New Zealand and around the world. “Globally in the Talent Trends survey we’re seeing around 70% of people who feel well supported. It’s important to individuals to understand what wellness in the workplace looks like and how they’re being supported by their employer.”

Work from home is also a top trend for 2021, with 80% of those surveyed saying that their company supports a permanent policy for remote workers. “The reality is work-life balance has been a conversation on the table for a number of years now,“ says Swan. “We know work from home is one practice that supports people having more balance.”

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