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Senior Executive: 4 ways to increase leadership diversity.

Achieving C-suite diversity continues to be a challenge, even as research repeatedly demonstrates the value of inclusive leadership: a stronger bottom line. 

If companies are truly serious about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), there are steps they can take to fix this. Start is by understanding the gaps and what barriers currently exist and how you can clear a path to the top.

Vaishali Shah, VP of workforce diversity and inclusion at Randstad Sourceright, advises her clients to focus on development of diverse employees with a critical eye. “Look at their progress, look at where they’re falling short in their development. What type of education, learning, coaching, mentoring do they need, and really tailor outreach and initiatives to that population,” she says.

Other strategies include expanding recruitment through referrals from existing employees and creating diverse interview panels. Both of these initiatives can help to meet hiring goals for leaders. 

Read the full article in Senior Executive for additional insights, and check out other DEI initiatives.