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LinkedIn: unlock agility, skills and flexibility in an AI-driven recruitment landscape.

According to LinkedIn's 2024 Future of Recruiting report, 91% of talent leaders cite agility as crucial to success in an AI-driven recruitment landscape — where skills are the new currency and workplace flexibility is a top priority. Yet, while 62% of talent leaders are optimistic about AI’s transformative impact, only 27% are currently using it.

How will you create the agility you need to thrive today? Get insights from Mike Smith, chief executive at Randstad Enterprise, about AI’s dramatic value, how skills can expand talent pools up to 10X, and why prioritizing Gen Z is imperative to your success in this transformative era.

Delve into insights from thousands of talent leaders and billions of data points in LinkedIn's Future of Recruiting 2024 report. Then, explore the 2024 Randstad Enterprise Talent Trend Report for more insights into the future of work.

about the author

As chief executive of Randstad Enterprise, Mike Smith intentionally drives a culture of innovation and collaboration across our Enterprise businesses to build long-term client relationships with the world’s largest corporations. He consistently brings Randstad's “tech and touch” thinking to client conversations to solve complex talent challenges and create sustainable business value and agility.

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