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EBN: the HR tech disconnect.

There’s a lot to consider when assessing the value of HR technology. For some companies, the decision comes down to whether or not new tools can integrate with existing systems. This is particularly true when an organization uses separate platforms for each individual HR task.
According to EBN, research has found that 60% of companies use five or more separate HR systems, with 20% using 10 or more. Each additional system has the potential to make the job at hand more complex. It’s estimated that HR professionals spend nearly two hours per day managing these disparate platforms.
Yet, despite perceived inefficiencies, human capital leaders see the value when it comes to investing in HR tech. This is a key finding in the 2019 Talent Trends Report from Randstad Sourceright, which shows that 92% of those surveyed believe that technology enhances the attraction, engagement and retention of talent.
When implementing HR tech, human capital leaders need to focus on who will benefit from the technology, how it will be integrated, the related change management strategies and what the ultimate goals are for using it. There’s no simple answer to these considerations, as each company is different and one size does not fit all.
Read the full article in EBN for additional insights, and get your copy of Randstad Sourceright’s 2019 Talent Trends Report for additional data and tips around HR tech strategies.