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CXC global: navigating the future of hiring.

How are companies optimizing workforce planning? How will automation affect the labor market? And what’s in store for the future of work?

On episode #74 of CXC’s Open Talent Report podcast, host Connor Heaney, CXC EMEA’s managing director, interviews Mike Smith, chief executive of Randstad Enterprise. During the interview, Smith shares his views on a range of challenges and opportunities in talent acquisition, and discusses how companies can enhance their talent strategies as the labor market continues to evolve.

Key topics include:

  • findings from Randstad Enterprise’s 2023 Talent Trends Report, including having to balance cost savings while delivering talent, the need to create more agility, and how the role of talent acquisition has expanded to include areas like internal mobility and coaching
  • ways to improve workforce planning to better predict talent needs and respond more proactively
  • how employers can overcome talent scarcity by seeking qualified individuals in different markets and prioritizing the upskilling of talent
  • the effect of automation and AI on the labor market and how companies can respond

Listen to episode #74 of the podcast for more insights about the future of work, and download the latest Talent Trends Report to learn about the major trends impacting talent acquisition today.