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get the skills you need despite talent scarcity.

Despite a looming recession on the horizon, many employers still experience talent scarcity. So, what can businesses do to overcome this scarcity and ensure they have the talent to be successful? For more on this topic, Peter Topler, Global Head of Intelligence Advisory for Randstad, sits down with Joost Heins, Vice President of Global Business Insights, to discuss how businesses can gain access to the skills they need.


In this Q&A podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How a possible recession will further impact the skills shortage (1:20)
  • The proactive steps companies are taking to prepare for a looming recession (5:08)
  • The importance of maintaining a strong employer brand despite the economic uncertainty to attract talent with needed skills (6:20)
  • Why you should plan ahead by matching the skills you need with the skills already in the organization (8:04)
  • How layoffs in the tech industry can benefit other sectors like banking and life sciences (9:38)

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Watch Joost’s presentation at the recent Skills @ Work Summit to learn more about creating an agile talent strategy based on skill supply and demand.

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