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generative AI impact on talent and recruiting | talent navigator series

This session on generative AI kicks off a 5-part Talent Navigator series to help you unlock the true potential of your workforce. Register for future sessions to hear about human potential and skills based talent models, talent mobility, talent marketing, and more:

As generative AI (GAI) revolutionizes the workplace, it brings extraordinary opportunities. With vast capabilities and staggering potential, it’s reinventing the workplace and taking productivity and performance to new heights. Yet implementation is complex, adoption is hard work and there are weighty considerations. As you identify broad technical requirements and possibilities, you must navigate and determine ethical guidelines, responsible usage, complex workforce dynamics and a broad spectrum of risks.

The challenges are massive. Watch this engaging discussion and Q&A with Randstad Enterprise AI specialists Thomas Jajeh and Glen Cathey to explore the GAI landscape, HR tech-specific solutions and wide implications across recruitment, productivity, candidate experiences and more.

Dig into GAI’s potential to drive next-generation HR functions to optimize hiring, close skills gaps and elevate employee experiences as you meet evolving workforce demands and achieve business-critical objectives. You’ll learn about GAI’s profound impact and how you can harness its capabilities to unlock workforce potential.

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