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use talent + workforce data to help drive your future.

Given the ongoing economic uncertainty, it’s important for employers to understand the latest trends impacting their talent strategies and react appropriately. The key to doing so is leveraging talent data. For more on this topic, Joost Heins, Vice President of Global Business Insights for Randstad, sits down with Peter Topler, Global Head of Intelligence Advisory, to discuss how accessing the right data can help businesses meet their talent acquisition needs.

In this Q&A podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The implications for companies that don’t use data in the right way (1:26)
  • How robust talent data can help to overcome the issues that can arise from economic uncertainty (4:30)
  • Why a having a clear talent strategy now can help avoid problems later on  (7:54)
  • Specific examples of how companies can leverage data to improve their talent strategies (11:38)

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