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Yahoo! News: Singapore needs to embrace HR tech adoption now.

While the world may be quick to adopt new workplace technologies and automated lifestyle improvements, HR continues to take things more slowly. In his article, Pascal Henry, CEO of HReasily, argues that this is particularly true in Singapore. 
Randstad Sourceright’s 2018 Talent Trends study ranks Singapore fifth for HR tech adoption (out of 17 countries globally), after Sweden, the U.S., the U.K. and China. In 2017, Singapore was ranked 13th. This increase indicates an eagerness to advance HR tech strategies. For example, new technologies – ranging from payroll automation to compliance systems – are being promoted via a three-pronged government initiative.
Any reluctance to lose the “human touch” may be the driving factor behind low adoption rates at work. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of talent leaders in Singapore expressed concern that smart technologies would depersonalize the talent experience. Understanding how to balance people and machines for an optimal talent experience is critical to success. That’s why preparing for operational changes and providing HR training are essential, not only in Singapore, but for organizations around the world.
Improving technology adoption rates can truly empower HR teams and subject matter experts. Read more on Yahoo! News. Then calculate your company’s HR Tech Adoption Score by answering a few questions.