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Training Industry: pre-boarding for talent engagement and retention.


Some experts feel onboarding may be a thing of the past. What employers may be focusing on for 2019 is pre-boarding. Pre-boarding – sometimes called “train to hire” – is a strategy that has quickly emerged in response to the skills gap.

Training new hires before their actual start date means that they can hit the ground running with an understanding of the industry. It’s a proactive approach to upskilling that engages talent from the get-go. Pre-boarding demonstrates that the employer is willing to support and invest in its people.

“In a tight labor market, it makes a lot of sense to do this,” says Jason Roberts, global head of technology and talent analytics at Randstad Sourceright. “If you have someone who’s a solid fit for you, but they’re missing some pieces of what you need, it broadens the pool ...”

Training Industry suggests that pre-boarding should provide basic skills development for the job, without asking candidates to do unpaid work for the company or exposing them to proprietary information. When done right, pre-boarding can help tip the balance in your favor by opening up a wider selection of potential candidates.

You can learn more about this trend by reading the full article in Training Industry. Then check out our Insights Center for more innovative recruiting strategies.