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The HR Director: employers say human touch still important in recruitment.

Recent Talent Trends research from Randstad Sourceright makes the case for leveraging HR technology during specific phases of the recruiting process. The majority (65%) of employers believe that candidate experience will benefit from continued innovation. That’s because automating simple tasks allows recruiters to focus on what really matters: the human connection.

“Employers are increasingly using HR technology to help attract and hire the best talent,” says Michel Stokvis, managing director of the Randstad Sourceright’s global Talent Innovation Center. “Despite the widespread adoption of these tools, many businesses leaders indicate they still want a human touch for critical moments during the recruitment process.”

The right mix of technology and the human touch can accelerate hiring, improve productivity and facilitate recruiter effectiveness. Still, it’s the personal relationship with the company that ultimately helps keep candidates engaged.

See the rest of Stokvis’ thoughts in this article. Then download the Q3 2018 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly for additional insights.